Hit the Road Jack

Jack, Ted… what’s the difference? Yup, on the road again.

If I had access to my computer and camera, some wifi, perhaps a bit of clip-art, and even an iota of skill with one of those computer doodling programs I would do the following: snap a photo of my suitcase, upload this photo to my computer, then tinker with it a bit on the aforementioned doodling program to add some windows, maybe a chimney, a front door, and maybe even a few shingles to give it the look of a house. Why? Well, if I haven’t mentioned it enough I’ve been pretty much living out of my suitcase for since April. Ahh, the LIFE.

(If anyone out there is interested in creating this bit of clip-art photo-montage and somehow submitting it to me, perhaps at HeisTedKing at gmail dot com, you just may win the title of infinite awesome.)

Instead, however, I’m horizontally strewn across the bench seat of our camper after the 258km, six-and-a-half hour GP Plouay, slugfest in northeastern France. This was my first Plouay and my goodness it was tough. I finished 2nd group just shy of one minute down on the winner and burned a delicious 5,801kJ in the process. That, friends, is a lot. Teammate Davide finished a very respectable 11th (or 10th depending on who’s race report you read), while team America pulled down a 2nd place with Tyler’s fine finish.

So with the race over, the camper is currently screaming down the highway thanks to our Spanish soigneur Tex’s deft camper-handling skills, en route to the four-day, mid-week Poitou-Charentes, which begins in about 36 hours on Tuesday. Dom is reading in the passenger seat next to the helm and Lloydy is snoozing in the rear. So once again, I’m calling my suitcase “home” after departing Girona early EARLY Saturday morning.

Where am I off to next, you’re asking with several ounces of mild enthusiasm. Well after Poi’-Char’, I will fly directly to los Estados Unidos where I have a whole buncha important things to tackle: first and foremost I will race nationals (Sept. 19), prep for that with the Green Mountain Stage Race (America’s best race, and perhaps least known of America’s best, as well as stalwart to any worthy New Englander’s race schedule),… and fix my tooth (dentist app’t Monday morning!). All very exciting stuff, and all stuff that I’m sure you’re already perfectly aware as they are posted on the Schedule link atop this webpage dealie – actually the dentist appointment is not part of that schedule, but maybe when I find a computer I’ll diligently add it.

So with nothing else to do now that the sun’s set rendering reading an impossibility, I figured I’d peck out a Blackberry blog entry. Killing time AND spewing out blogs – that’s two birds/one stone if I’ve ever heard it!

Hope you’re all well. Byebye.


  1. Susan Alexander

    Great post, Ted – I always appreciate a window into the world of pro cycling. I followed the TdF around this summer, Stage 16 to the finish, on my bike (mostly). Very cool thing to do and experience.

    Really like your blog, and you’re a great Twitter follow. Extremely well written and often hilarious. I like how you put out the vibe. Trying to do the same. What an honor it would be if you followed me. I’m SusanRPM4 (new at it; trying to impart useful stuff; tweeted about you today).

    I’ve been to Middlebury several times – a very special place.

    All the best in all you’re doing. Susan

    P.S. My own blog launches soon – http://www.gooddisruptivechange.com. Will let you know when. I promise a good vibe, right from the start.

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  3. Amy

    Any chance you’ll stop by Midd after the GMSR? I have it on authority that the cycling team would bake you cookies.

    • iamtedking

      I can eat your cookies. How about feedzone cookies?! I like that… I like that idea a lot. When does school start?

      • Amy

        In keeping with the liberal arts tradition of ignoring federal holidays, school starts on Labor Day. Not sure if I’ll make it the race-crew season starts Saturday-but I’ll send cookies up with the Middkids who are racing.


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