A June Photo Montage

This entry comes to you from Plymouth, NH which is the closest town to where I’m staying for a four-day iamtedking mini camp. I’m staying on a fairly secluded lake where my internet connection is as poorly maintained as the roof of the lake house where I’m staying. That is to say, terribly. So after a morning slaying the bicycle for five-plus hours, I packed up the ol’ car with everything I needed for the afternoon – namely my computer – and here I am internetting with the best of ’em.

My return to Europe is imminent and I’m definitely excited to get back across the pond and do what it is I’m paid to do (…umm, race a bike, duh). But my time in America has been nothing short of brilliant, so I thought I’d bring you up to speed with a brief photo essay. Let’s begin, since I feel someone breathing down my neck hinting that I should either buy another cup of coffee or skidaddle.

My first weekend in America just happened to be my 5 year college reunion from Middlebury. I majored in awesomeness and economics, as well as minored in mathematics, so I partook in plenty of lawnsports back in my day at Midd. This is a photo from Saturday afternoon where we are playing a game who’s name I forget. But basically you toss a burlap sack towards some holes cut out of a piece of wood. Classic lawnsports. This action shot illustrates the keen mental stamina needed as exhibited by Chris, while Mike watches in earnest.

The following weekend I headed up to Maine for a wedding of my friends Zach and Lyndsay. I would say Lyndsay and Zach so as to pay respect to the lady, which she most certainly deserves, but I’m much closer to Zach than Lyndsay as she just recently entered my circle of friends. Great wedding no matter how you phrase it. In any event, a trip to the Maine coast in summer is definitely not complete without a bit of seafood – namely the fried variety. Here is a scallop and shrimp platter with a fitting blueberry soda. Maine in June is fairly close to perfection, if you ask me. Everything in moderation, my friends. That’s why I wisely only had one platter. That far tray of freedom fries isn’t mine.

Here’s a more fitting photo from Maine. Lupine and fog. Love it.

One perk of being at my family’s house is that I have free reign of the kitchen. I took the opportunity to make some Barbecued Ginger and Garlic Baby Back Ribs both for their enjoyment and obviously my own. They were twice as succulent and tasty as they look, if that’s even possible. Everything in moderation…

After two restful weeks post-Giro, I jumped back into training and even dabbled in a race. Check that out here. I’m really proud of the work that has been going on with the iamtedking/iamnottedking product line since considerable profits go towards the Krempels Center. As a reminder why I do this, you can click here. We even raffled off an iamnottedking jersey which sold for an impressive $255! Look for those on sale in the next few weeks.

Anyway, after a successful Father’s Day in Connecticut and a few days kicking it at home, I’m now up in central New Hampshire testing the legs in the White Mountains. Here’s a drive-by photograph as proof.

The Tour of Austria is my next race in Europe and while the Austrian Alps are impossibly steep, the White Mountains offer some spectacular training grounds too – especially the Kancamangus. That elevation refers to miles… yup, I’m 2855 miles above sea-level. Dang, that’s high.

Welp, you’re now up to speed on all things iamtedking. Keep on truckin’.


  1. DeeDee315

    The bean-bag game is known as “Corn Hole” in the midwest. Pretty sure it’s a NCAA D-1 sport at the Peanut Princess’ Alma mater, Butler University. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Safe travels back to Spain.

  2. Don

    Ted – I had my 25th at Midd too. Umm…the carnage in front of the 5th year dorm was…impressive?

  3. Scott Woomer

    Thanks for the updates! We enjoy reading them! Best of luck with the remainder of your racing season. Can’t wait to get my hands on a “man” size(XL) iam(not)tedking riding jersey. Ride it like you stole it!

  4. Jimm

    Um…Feet isn’t it? Not miles. Only 870meters. :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kancamagus_Highway


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