Doing it for Yourself

The following compelling essay was penned laboriously on my Blackberry.

If you are a McDonalds person, then you likely are as enamored with the McFlurry as much as I am. If you are not a Micky-D’s person for a litany of reasons, I recommend you briefly step off your high horse and give the McFlurry a whirl… yes, pun fully intended.

What’s the best part about the McDonalds McFlurry? The engineering marvel that is the spoon-slash-egg-beater with its gearlike attachments? Good answer but no. It’s the sweet and custardy vanilla yogurt mixed harmoniously with the various chocolately toppings. Fact.

Therefore I was more than just a slightly miffed that there was a recently witnessed* McDonalds proudly advertising “McFlurrys! McFlurry it yourself!”


I think I’m floored both that McFlurry is now a verb and noun and that this particular McDonalds in question is seemingly bragging in the fact that they obviously don’t have the machine that flurrys the McFlurry into homogeneous harmony. Their gall is noteworthy.

Next I will supplement this very random McDonalds dessert post with something mildly bike related, namely, a BSNYC quote. I’m going to butcher the proper rules of citing one’s source and suffice it to say that Bike Snob said it. Plus it’s greater than 140 characters so I can’t merely retweet it. For an iota of context, the following is in regards to a review of a $4,400 pair of wheels:

“According to the review, ‘they’re incredibly fast wheels, being ridiculously quick to accelerate and giving you the feeling of a constant tailwind on the climbs,’ and believe it or not there really are people who will read this and believe it. Wheels cannot be fast. Riders can be fast; wheels can be round. As far as the ‘tailwind on the climbs’ thing goes, promising that a piece of equipment will make you climb better is the bicycle marketing equivalent of selling ‘natural male enhancement.'”

Brilliance BSNYC, brilliance.

*True story: as I said, I merely witnessed it and didn’t sample my own McFlurrying skills. You see, it’s been pre-Giro time for a while and avoiding guilty pleasure foods entirely, such as an occasional McFlurry, has been an instrumental part of my weight lightening preparation.


  1. Yaniel Cantelar

    I’ve never had a McFlurry but I’m a big Wendy’s frosty fan. Tomorrow though, I’ll have a McFlurry in your honor and to wish you luck at the Giro.

  2. a$

    oh — my mom loves the ‘ol mcflurry…I enjoy them as well, but I once heard a rumor that it’s non-dairy!??? Huh??

    Ok, but really, I hope you are alright after your giro start — but, eh, you’ve finished one of these before so ain’t no thang to throw it down again….gooooooooo teddddddaaaaaaay


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