And then there were two

Two, of course, refers to the number of stages remaining. Here’s a quick anecdote which is a telling microcosm of how today went.

I was feeling rather lively and strong today and factoring in the early moves, which is no small task when the peloton rolls out of town at speeds in excess of 60kph thanks to countless attacks (actually, that’s an exaggeration. An aerial view would allow someone to count the attacks and therefore put an exact number on this subject). Then dictating one of the dozen or so roundabouts in the first 30 minutes of racing, a rider who shall remain nameless directly in front of me mysteriously decided it would be wise to navigate this chicanery on his butt. So I ran over him, smacked my elbow and knee pretty hard, cut myself up a bit, but some how basically found myself skidding on my feet with my bike bouncing around next to me, also rubber-side-down, as the saying goes. No idea how, but my mostly intact skin is happy with this outcome. I was shaken up pretty good, though, so that sucked.

3 wheel changes, 1 crash, and 4,200m of climbing. Done.

Tomorrow: mega mega hard. You guys see the stage profile? It’s just comical.



  1. Jeff

    Giro-sincere congrats on making it through a killer of a race. When you say we have no idea… you’re right. Still – you Giro-rule, KoS.

  2. ali

    This Giro has been an epic and i hope behind the madness that goes on in the peloton your enjoying it, Good luck with tomorrow hopefully you wont have to deal with a V.I.P. on passo di gavia!

  3. Matt k

    Thats giro – tough and gritty ted.

    Crashes suck. I thought if you fell down and banged your elbow you had to drop out of the race? Maybe that’s just lance…

    Congrats on almost being done with a grand tour. Good luck with the weather tomorrow

  4. Becky B

    I second Matt k above. If it’s any small consolation, I finished your socks AND got my fab pink “lo non sono Ted King” shirt today!!

  5. Steve Chilcott

    Congrats on a great Tour – I didnt find your Blog until the 3rd stage but have been glued to it since!
    Fantastic achievment finishing your 2nd tour! looking forward to more great posts through the year.


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