Off to the Races

Ahh the dubious distinction of the Girona airport: flights exclusively offered by RyanAir. Said airline seems to take pride in how uncomfortably they can transfer passengers to and fro. From the abruptly upright and non-reclining seats, to coming frightening close to charging 1€ to use the on-board toilets, to the plastic-backed seats for optimal knee discomfort, to the cacophonous music played periodically throughout the flight… Yes, this airline stands alone atop the pillar of crap airlines.

I’m also not terribly fond of effectively living in the in-flight sales catalog. See, RyanAir features the incessant *DING* of the PA system followed by a sales pitch for scratch tickets (two-for-one, today only! …and coincidentally every day I fly), smokeless cigarettes, perfumes, calling cards, and gelatinous hair products. Bonus: they do each sales pitch in no fewer than two languages!

I will credit the passengers as the most appreciative in the business as every landing is accompanied by a round of applause from the grateful 150 folks in the rear of the plane. “Yeaaa! We landed!”

At least there’s a scenic, mountainous background to these flights from G’town.

Anywho, after a refreshing few weeks recharging the proverbial batteries at home in Spain, then training hard like a, umm, well I suppose training hard like a professional cyclist including two awesome six-hour days in a five day period, I’m headed back to the races. Early April is a busy time for me as I gear up for the Giro. I start tomorrow with a “mini-Amstel” at Mergeland in Holland. The *mini* is a bit of a misnomer as the race is over 200km itself – as opposed to Amstel’s impressive 260km distance. That’s followed closely by next week’s Circuit Sarthe in France. Interestingly (to me anyway) this will mark my third stage race in France already in 2010. Comparatively, I had just one race in France in all of last season. Soon on those coat tails, I head back to Spain for Castilla y Leon. I’m pumped.

Plus in any down time I have, I get to scope out what CTT and others are doing in the northern spring Classics, which is always entertaining. Bam. Rad.

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  1. Charsa

    Probably your oldest fan outside you granny, and so enjoy your writing. But, just got around to checking out “the Cause.” Thanks for supporting such a worthy group. Even a concussion that didn’t keep me in hospital whacked my balance, memory–worst thing, fear of getting back on my bike. Took 18 months, but tried it last week and felt a surge of joy. Lesson learned, make the best of the time left. Thanks, Mr. King, for the entertaining writing and riding, and best wishes for 2010!


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