Muy famoso

I know this is going to draw out a lot of off-color search terms deserved exclusively of the high level management team over at the jerk store. While I prefer to not see such juvenile behavior elicited from my lionized readers, I thought this was at least mildly entertaining and worth a share.

Among the search terms unbeknownst denizens of the interweb use to descend upon my blog of late was “things Spain is famous for”. While grammatically incorrect (don’t end a sentence, err, phrase with a preposition), I would thoroughly have enjoyed to hover over the shoulder of that person at the moment they discover that iamTedKing and they are not.

Next, here is a stunning photo of yours truly after 6:45 of racing Liege Bastogne Liege. Normally a person in my position would not be smiling, but there are some laughable shenanigans going on directly in front of me and behind the photog, so I’m in the midst of chuckling. This photo doesn’t quite do it justice, but a horse would love me a I’m quite literally a human salt lick. It was H-O-double-T HOT… or at least really warm.

Chatting up Christian VdV yesterday, he described Liege as getting an Indian burn from a 5 year old. I couldn’t help but agree. We were 2.5 hours into the race and while it was starting to tingle, we knew that we had another 4.5 to go and eight billion little climbs to tackle! Eventually that little bugger is going to get you.


  1. Biker Dave

    Wow, 2nd placed American. Nice warm up for the Giro

    And yes I am NOT Ted King

  2. Scott Woomer

    Best of Luck at the Giro! Your picture reminds me of what I look like after a day of teaching 6th graders!! Ride well and be safe!

  3. a$

    this picture…. ’tis odd… you look almost like a cartoon character…I just don’t know which one….perhaps T$ comic books all about saving the world on a bike with a little bike safety thrown in are on the way!!!


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