Reliving History

Sup dudes?

As I’ve said perhaps five hundred times or more, cyclists are vain. I, for one, find my writing entertaining. When I’ve seen virtually everything on the interweb already and need some further entertainment, I periodically re-read what I wrote a long time ago and find myself laughing and downright floored that I was the author of such hilarity. The following, for example, was scribed by yours truly in the late fall of 2006 and is deserving of a second publication. I recommend reading some of my older posts at random when Cycling/Velo-news dot com has run its full course of entertainment.

Oh, turns out that I have good taste too.


I have a new favorite coffee shop. It’s not so much the ambiance that I go for, nor the convenient location. It’s not the enormous lounge chair, nor the selection of thoughtless reading material. Nope, it’s simply for the tasty coffee. Perhaps you’ve heard of it… it’s called McDonalds. If you own a television, you’ve seen the ads for McDonalds’ new specialty coffees. I’ve been hesitant to go until today when we got a full page of McDonalds coupons in the mail. I slashed an entire dollar off my medium mocha making the bill a scant $2.01. I think a medium mocha at Starbucks currently checks in around $86-and-change, so I call this a smokin’ (err… steamin’) deal.

So if you need a coffee and don’t feel like paying the extra few bucks for the chance to be seen walking into and out of Starbucks with that white cup in your hand, go to McD’s.



  1. Boozan

    One other thing McD’s coffee has going for it is that it is the Newmans Own Blend from Green Mountain Coffee roasters. Tasty and Charitable.


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