Just one of those days…

So you know those days when you have five hours of rigorous training scheduled, and you have your day planned out very explicitly because it also just happens to be the day Volta Catalunya races through town so you want to prioritize your specific training efforts as well as see the tail end of the race, and upon commencing your training you find yourself at the farthest point away from home on this specific and well-designed loop when your tire ever so slooowwwwly begins leaking, and you pull over to change the tube as normal, but as soon as you find yourself installing the new tube you notice there is an obvious leak in the new tube, and you therefore find yourself up a serious proverbial creek, but you then decide to make some lemonade with the lemons you just found by becoming really resourceful, so you reinstall the slow-leak tube, and then ride full-steam ahead into the nearest town which is about 10km away, and you thankfully just make it to town at 1:45, (thankfully because a mere quarter-hour later is the standard start of Spanish siesta when absolutely everything in all of Spain closes for the afternoon), but this town apparently operates differently than the entire rest of the country because it’s only freakin’ 1:45 yet everything is already shut down, and you still manage to stumble upon a bike shop, and the owner is standing directly inside the locked front door on the telephone, and he sees you signal frantically that you’re obviously in dire need of something related to your rear-wheel, and he generously unlocks the door and comes outside with a bike pump at which point you try in your very best Spanish to explain to the friendly Catalan gentleman that you need not just a pump but a tube as well, and you very happily burn through your only 5 euros to replace the leaky tube and then thank the friendly bike shop man, and you’re still up some sort of creek because this is precisely the town from which you planned to do your specific high intensity efforts, but you’re out of water and anything to eat because you had expected to use those 5 euros on comestibles rather than butyl rubber, so you once again have to become resourceful, and you therefore alter your very specific and well laid out training route in order to high-tail it directly to the finish of the Volta Catalunya where you hope your team’s staff is waiting patiently for the race to finish, and they are in fact there, and there is still time to go elsewhere and commence the specific high intensity intervals, and you accomplish them, and make it back to town in time to just glimpse the end of the race, aaaaaaaaaaaaand then you ride home and write a blog about it?

Really, you know those days?! Yeah, me too. I just had one.

It’s not very often a two flat tire/one tube day works out in your favor, but as my housemate Brent said, “Wow, I guess you won today.” Yup, I suppose I did.


  1. Mandy

    Great blog entry, BUMMER about your spare having a leak. Way to turn it around into something positive though. Keep cranking!

  2. Derek

    Wow! That is a win if I’ve ever read about one!

  3. Bruce

    5 Euro. Sheesh. Stick a 20 in every bike plus the fiver in your pocket.


    Have a great spring.

  4. B2

    That is the longest, well thought out, run-on sentence I have ever read, I’d like to say well done, but I’m not sure I have the appropriate words to say at a time like this and my vocabulary is running out, so I’ll just leave it at that and wish you well, or maybe I’ll just write another long run-on and keep you and all of your followers, bloggers, cycling friends, American or not, but all the same, fans, with something to read after your gregarious tale of “Just one of those days…”. Period.

  5. Charles

    Awesome! I have weeks just like that. Glad to see perseverance at work, but then again, any pro would have handled the day so well. Just love you guys.

  6. spencer

    Man, I am tired just reading that.

  7. giles

    glueless patch kits are great in emergencies and weigh like 200 milligrams

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