Want to know what happens when you are trying to do some serious blog editing (serious means more than simply entering text), minutes before you fly to France to start Paris-Nice, but the catch is that you don’t have any idea how to edit a blog in the first place?

You end up with a massive photo in the header like the one you see above. I’d also like to credit York Wilson with the photo since that’s something I omitted when uploading the photo.

Sorry that the photo is so in your face. But since cyclists are vain, maybe it’s not so bad…


  1. Mike Munroe

    You should give Windows Live Writer a try. I think it will make editing and publishing blog posts much easier for you. You can download it at Adding images, etc is made much easier.

  2. ringcycles

    Its a good shot, Ted, you should keep it up for a while.

  3. Jon

    No worries…Nice bike! My S2 just arrived this week. Im taking it on its maiden voyage tomorrow around Newfound Lake. Just need a pair of Zipps to complete the package. Good luck at Paris-Nice!

  4. KD

    Ted, You look awesome in that photo. I’ll have you know I look awesome in my iamnottedking t-shirt. It’s awesomeness for everyone!

  5. John

    I desperately want one of those Catlike helmets! I don’t think they pass US standards, though. So not available here. (I would insert a frown emoticon, but I know how the KoS feels about them)

  6. Sampo Koistinen

    The photo is good, but the link to the photographer’s site is missing http:// from the beginning and because of that doesn’t work.


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