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My zeal for coffee is considerably more than yours. Some readers might simply agree with that statement while others of you are bound to put up a stink. My recommendation is to just take it as fact and let’s move on, because that’s not the point I’m getting at here. I have long been considering what it would take to produce a boutique and remarkably delicious signature iamtedking branded coffee. Naturally, it would be a dark roast, created in small batches so as to produce the finest, unctuous coffees and espressos available to mankind… besides of course the coffee that people worldwide lust over that have been pooped out of the cute Asian Palm Civet.

The problem with that, however, is that it’s been done. It’s predictable. It’s hackneyed. It’s very 2008. (Not to say I won’t do it, because in truth I really want to.)

Teduardo Chavez's Fine Worldly Coffees & Beaneries

Teduardo Chavez's Fine Worldly Coffees & Beaneries

So what next?

I’m pretty pumped on the iamnottedking stickers and shirts being produced. I give them both a nine point five for execution and – more so the stickers – a check-plus for originality. So high five to myself and CutawayClothing.com for making that a reality.

But I’m not content with complacency, so again I ask, what next?

I’m seriously thinking about wine. Okay, truth be told I’m well far away from making the iamtedking-wine-pipe-dream a reality (…hey, any wine makers out there want to chime in here?! Seriously, email me at heisTedKing at gmail is you have any sorts of leads here). However the wine industry is something I’d love to eventually segue into, so at least I have the gears in motion, right? Right.

Now for the third time, although now I remove the rhetorical nature of the question and pose it quite seriously, what do YOU think I should make? I want it to be something I’m passionate about or something I love (peanut butter comes to mind, but these guys beat me to the punch to combine maple with PB).

Ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  1. Gary Stein

    I am getting set to produce a wicked-cool thing for cycle-commuting. Let me know if you are interested. You’ve got just the mad style to appreciate this.

    Sorry–not a consumable this time.


  2. joaofaustino

    I too am a peanut butter aficionado, I often find myself sitting in front of the TV with a spoon and a jar. If you head over to Peanut Butter & Co on Sullivan Street in NYC, they have a great sandwich of spicy peanut butter, chicken breast and pineapple jam — it’s Thai-tastic.
    Now to the idea, I wouldn’t want you to tread on any toes, or DZ-NUTS, but I think I have a product idea for you. Maybe Peanut Butter & Co. and the good people at Paceline can formulate a peanut scented Chamois Butter… how delicious. The earthy warm scent of peanutty-goodness wafting through the peloton on a warm July day… now that’s the ticket. They can call it iam^nutButter, oh yeah.

  3. Colin

    How about a peanut butter with some sort of coffee flavor? I’m just throwing this idea out there.

  4. cheftone

    A few months ago, you displayed a bottle of curry-flavored ketchup. Perhaps, in your boutique cafes, you could offer a variety of similar twists on traditional condiments. As a chef, and wannabe pro-cyclist, I would love to do a “collabo” with you and further advance the “iamnottedking” brand.

  5. Robert

    If you are passionate about the coffee, go for it. I am certain there are boutique roasters that would be happy to import the beans, roast to your specifications, bag in “I am Ted King” packaging and ship where ever you desire. If that sounds like more work, and or financial risk than you want I say skip the coffee and sell “I am not Ted King” coffee mugs. Your fans can be reminded of your love of coffee and their lack of Kingliness at the same time.

  6. DeeDee315

    I think a cookbook. Combine your love of cooking, throw in some international flavor (Spanish cooking lessons), add the cycling angle (recipes from fellow riders). So a cooking, travel, cycling picture book.

  7. Aaron Malys

    Why don’t you make some actual mobile bike food that does not contain any ingredients that you cannot pronounce!

    And I like the idea of a cyclists cookbook, though I believe the recipes should be gourmet versions yet ones that can all be made in less than 45 minutes.

    Aaron Malys

  8. Mr. Smith

    A book. I suggest either a dictionary of cycling or a style guide. Call it the “Not Quite Euro Cyclist.” Or “How to Achieve that Euro Look without the Mullet!”

  9. Rica620

    a) I knew of a winemaker, no joke. There are also winemakers that will just to custom labels for batches. You know how to reach me. 😉
    b) Think about your roots… where you’re from… New Hampshire… maple syrup… dairy… the smell of pine… yeah, baby. I’ve got some ideas.

    I’ll email you.

  10. cyclingdiva

    I can support you with the t shirts, stickers, peanut butter, and coffee but I can’t with the wine. I’m not a wine drinker. I’m a beer girl. We know we can’t do beer like the Belgians…so forget the beer. What about cereal? You have said we “American’s” don’t make good chocolate cereal…so there you go..CEREAL! Although, I do like the cookbook idea also.

  11. Silverbackwino


    * I have already drank my body weight in coffee today. And since I am not a pro road biker I weigh more than you.

    * You rock! Best of luck this season and kick ass!

    * I Am Not Ted King!

  12. Paul L

    I suggest honey. Here’s why:
    1. honey goes well with peanut butter and in espresso, 2 things you love.
    2. honey is produced by worker bees, whom you might also call “nature’s domestiques”.
    3. there are regional varieties which you can collect in your travels.
    4. think of all the fun you could have branding it as “iamtedking honey” or “iamtedking, honey”.

    Good luck!

  13. Shannon Gilmartin (aka McDreamyBiker)

    If you get into wine, you must venture into cheese as well…oh damn, now I need a glass of red and a cheese tray…mmmmmmm…

  14. Becky B

    If you’re really set on the coffee thing, I know a company that roasts a pretty good bean and will put your label on it so you can sell it (and some of your profits can go to a charity close to your heart, perhaps?).
    Otherwise – please introduce us to the good kind of chocolate cereal, but with your face on the box!

  15. DonW

    I know Zabriskie’s already out there with his product, but re-branded bottles of cheap, questionable-quality chamois cream sold only in ‘King’ size bottles seems like a can’t-miss way to get super rich.

    On second thought, go with coffee. Or pre-packaged gourmet peanut butter-n-jelly sandwiches that fit in a jersey pocket.

  16. marneleigh

    -pizza something…

    -or a cyclists cookbook… A story(casual, blog style) per recipe). A section for “on the bike that isn’t a cliff shot” a section for “racing season.. aka way too many carbs for anyone else” or “Team specialties” or “Off season”.. Allowing baking deliciousness or favorite international everything..

    Ideas are starting…

  17. Morten Romme

    I support the idea about a cooking book!
    but it has to be for cyclists. You can make different versions like the the already mentioned gourmet version, or one for everyday life, the winter season,other themes and one with your favorite dishes.

    -Morten Romme, Denmark

  18. Joao Correia

    I will second your very un-healthy relationship with coffee. May I suggest counseling good sir. My back still hurts from being your mule and I have yet to get a fresh cup of brew in the morning. As for ideas. I’d say a Ted King wine cooler collection is in order but I have to give five starts to Joao Faustino’s idea above of a ted king peanut butter scented chamois creme. Very original, yet quite disturbing at the same time. I like your style Joao. And btw cool name if I may say so myself.

  19. krisy

    I’ve gotta say I don’t think you’re going to do any better than the logo you have here. That’s a fine looking ass. On the left.

  20. Hyunsyu

    Mr Iamtedking,
    i write before and say you do follow. You have love for peanut sauce and cycling. You should make peanut base chamois cream that can you eat and use for lube!!!!!!

  21. Simon B

    Bakery. You could make donuts and then call them “I am not Bread Ring”

  22. Rich

    Completely unrelated to “What’s Next” but I was reminded by you upcoming Podium Cafe Live Chat where you mentioned you loved pumpkin and baking. I have the best pumpkin cake ever – feel free to inquire for recipe.

    On a side note – what on earth is Hyunsyu talking about?

  23. Steve M

    I love the cookbook idea, but don’t make it TOO cycling oriented. I mean, include cool aspects cycling but not any kind of diet “recipes for getting skinny” and forget making a better Clif bar. Just the food you love and any higher-minded cycling stuff. If you do wine, it has to be good wine, very good wine. Nothing will spoil the iamtedking and iamnottedking brands than sucky novelty wine. Anyway, good luck in all the endeavors, including your racing.

  24. michael baldwin

    I would go with flavored nuts. maybe a maple syrup flavored nut. “these are not ted kings nuts but they still taste good” would be an excellent slogan.

  25. Neill

    Cook book, for sure. With photos of corresponding place of first trial or race / event / training. Seems it would combine your interests, plus your fan base and cycling fans in general.

  26. dar

    So, slightly off topic but I can’t get over the amazing afro in the above picture. Is that real or just a good photoshop job? I know it is not very aero, but I believe it should make a come back. If anyone can pull it off it is the king of style.


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