Nerd Alert!

I actually quite enjoy avoiding writing about dorky numbers and the like when it comes to iamtedking blogging. However yesterday was one of those days that is either worth forgetting completely, or reliving vicariously through cycling-applicable digits. Today I choose the latter.

Yesterday’s stage 2 of Volta Algarve sinuously wound up over hill and dale in southern Portugal. “Hill and dale” is something of an understatement because it felt much more like mountains than hills, and who the heck knows what a “dale” is? (I’m sure some of you do; I don’t.) Vertically, we covered just shy of 3,500m… or more precisely, “that’s a friggin’ lot.”

I thought we had 4 or 5km of neutral to start the stage so that I would have reset the computer immediately at the drop of the green flag. That would eliminate some of the trivial buzzing around the bus, sign-in, and exchanging soggy salutations with some of my colleagues before the start. But upon rolling out of the parking lot I soon noticed we were pushing 50+kph. “This is not neutral pace, guys” crossed my mind, intermingled with some other more colorful language.

Aaaanyway, that’s a long winded way of saying the distance and time are within about 3-4km and 5-10minutes of being race accurate. In any event my very awesome CycleOps Joule cycling computer conveniently summarizes the following:
Time – 6:11:12
KM – 214.67
KJ – 5736
Ave watts – 257
Temp – 9c
Norm power – 332 (that’s like racing a 6 hour crit)
Vert. meters gained – 3498

I finished front group which was satisfying after such a slog fest. But immediately after crossing the finish line, my only thoughts were of a warm shower, hot tea, and perhaps a nap.

That’s about as close to a race report you’ll get from THIS guy, so embrace it.


Oh how convenient! We’re just now pulling into stage 3 pre-race parking. Sun’s out with gray clouds in the distance. Come on sun! I’m rooting for you!

The proceeding was typed entirely by thumbs on my Blackberry. Word.


  1. redtdi

    You computer is setup wrong. While you are Ted King and I am no, nobody could ride at an IF of 1.328 for 6 hours. I might suggest that your Threshold Power is setup wrong in your Joule? Those are still some killer numbers though. Norm Power of 332w for 6 hours is sick sick sick.

  2. matty

    Could be the VI instead of IF?

  3. mglorencin

    I was just about to say the same thing IF and TSS are waaaaay off limits. IF = 1 is something you can sustain for about 60min at max, not 6h. Perhaps “someone” was sneaking around your powermeter and lowered your FTP setup by some 60% or so :)) … other then that really wicked stage conditions yesterday, looking forward to stages to come.

    PS. I really like your writing style Ted.

  4. Iamnottedking

    Independent fabrications?? Why and how is that measured on your computer, and what the heck is TSS.

  5. definitelynottedking

    Your functional threshold power is probably set up wrong on the Joule. That TSS and IF would put your FTP somewhere around 250 – 270 watts. I’m sure a fast Euro-pro like you is more like 400+. Or did you change those numbers so as not to reveal your true power to your foes?! 5764 KJ is crazy. This post is going to bring out all the wattage nerd comments!

  6. Tarkan

    When the first response is “that can’t be right,” you know you laid down some serious power. Great job – keep posting.

  7. yay new hampshire

    Yo T$, nice job out there yesterday! La Festa Rob and I decided it must be the pizza you had before you left. Keep it up man!

  8. Iamnottedking

    teddy, are you gonna tell me what I.F. and TSS are or what?

    • iamtedking

      Oops. Sorry Scott. IF stands for Instantly Ferocious. It’s a measure of how fast you can get angry. TSS is Totally Sick Speed which is a measure of how much time you are at your “Sick Speed.” My TSS for example is anything above 46.8mph, which is a pretty sick speed if I do say so myself.

      Thanks for playing,


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