Dear Family, America, Home, High school friends, College friends, Neighbors, and other awesome people,

Thank you! Thanks for a fun off-season back in my homeland of America. It’s been an excellent trip, a restful time, a time full of bodacious adventures, and an all-in-all fun time. So let’s recap with a photo montage, shall we?

Golf outing (yes, that’s a safari inspired shirt).


Not one, but two Red Sox games (including the final game of the season, where they lost dramatically to the Angels).


Bonfire on the beach. Ethan is housing a piece of wood to fuel the fire.


Then off to Toronto to hang with the fine folks at Cervelo! L to R: me, Dominique, and Heinrich are doing a little publicity at a local bike shop.

Ted, Dom & Heinrich at Neworld Toronto Sept 2009

From Toronto to Vegas for my first ever Interbike. I think I was there for about 46 hours total and slept about 8 hours in that period of time.IMG00046-20090923-2307

The inaugural Boston Mayor’s Cup Criterium was a huge success! (Except when I finished 4th and not 1st.)

boston crit

I participated in the Dempsey Challenge in early October. Front and center are Rich and George Hincapie and Patrick Dempsey. The event was a blast for everyone involved, from the VIPs to riders, runners, walkers, the organization, and Patrick himself.


La Festa… wow, wicked yum.


Off to Vermont to see my friends the Dan4ths and partake in Middlebury’s homecoming. “Coach” is up in the tree installing a pretty fantastic rope swing. Do NOT try this at home, kids.


I did a speaking event at Landry’s. Thanks to everyone who came out and a special thanks to Mark for hosting the event and Richard to emceeing like a champ.


In late October Robbie and I took in a Patriots game. Or more like, we took in a blizzard which happened to coincide with a Pats game. This picture doesn’t do it justice – we got about a foot of snow… in October!


My adventures continued out in Boulder where I spent most of November. Frank and I are discussing how to summit this ferocious peak. (I think we settled on snowshoes and continued hiking.)


Thanksgiving at Kathy and Jim’s was a blast as always. Lots of family in attendance always makes the holidays special. So does a smoked turkey in the BBQ. Deeeee-licious.


Wine Club 2.0 was nothing short of excellent. Here’s a homemade flatbread.


Next stop, Santa Barbara. Nearly perfect weather for 3 straight weeks made for a good reintroduction to a normal training regiment.


…of course, it would all even out when I got back to New Hampshire to see the fam. Sun and warmth in CA is quite the stark contrast to snow and snow and snow and cold of NH.


Mom’s birthday and Christmas were two massive highlights of being home! This may turn off some of you animal lovers out there, but as I’ve mentioned in the past, we four Kings are a family of gourmands, so Dad gave us all a morsel of fois gras as a special Christmas gift. We enjoyed it immensely.

IMG_1289Many more adventures occurred, but some didn’t make the cut, others didn’t happen to have a camera handy by, and others simply need not mentioning.

Thanks again to all… And now I’m off to Europe!




  1. matt

    you didn’t mention La Festa?

  2. Roddy Pattison

    Looks like a blast! Chilly over here at the moment, Ted. Take a cashmere sweater!

  3. Rica620

    Looks like you had a great “Winter Break”! I’m still in awe of the fact that you rode this past week in New Hampshire. I tried – I really did. Got 20 miles in on Christmas Day with my son, went again day after New Years, but, holy cow! Here in Connecticut, it was BRUTAL! You’re an inspiration. (I think some of the West Coast Winter riders don’t appreciate the kind of heavy snow, ice and chill that’s out here that I don’t believe compares to the West… )

    Am I right on that one?

    • iamtedking

      Yes and no. Boulder, for example, has a high of 8 degrees tomorrow. Add snow and wind and you have an east coast like chill. I’m sure you could be up in Mammoth or some heinous winter place out west, but by no means do the folks in Santa Barbara, for example, have a firm understanding of the New Hampshire-like cold factor.

  4. Pingback: iamtedking: Thanks for the adventures. - CycloTweet

  5. Mr. Smith

    I think you meant “training regimen,” unless you’re referring to the group of people with whom you were training. We can’t have the King of Style misspelling words or using homonyms incorrectly.

    On a more important note, where is La Festa? I desperately need to go there!

  6. Scott Woomer

    Best of luck for the upcoming season! We’ll be watching and cheering!

  7. Tj Burke

    mmmmm California, beautiful


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