Top 10 Reasons to Sport an iamtedking T-Shirt

Mind you, these are merely the top 10 reasons. There are dozens more.

1. Black is back, baby! As discussed in an earlier post, black is the new white. Also as discussed, black will be especially cool when 2010 rolls around, so this way you can be ahead of the trend like the true style-fiend that you are.

2. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Wear it today: it gives. Wear it tomorrow: it continues to give. Next week: you got it, it’s still giving!

3. It’s currently the holiday season so no matter who you’re buying for – from Gramma to your crazy uncle Bruce, whether it’s a Christmas stocking stuffer or part of your Hanukkah gift giving routine – the iamtedking t-shirt will please whoever is the lucky recipient.

4. This is something of a cheating add-on to number 3, but we offer both men’s and women’s sizes. Based on the comments we’re receiving here at the iamtedking HQ, many cycling clothing companies don’t cater to women. That’s sexist, and iamtedking is definitely not sexist.

5. In the grand scheme of things, there are definitely worse ways to spend your money.

6. You would be doing your part as a patriotic American to stimulate the economy. Ooooh, say can you see…

7. They’re collectible. Why buy just one?!

8. Believe me, I’m not doing this for my personal economic benefit. That said, I’m definitely not earning what baseball players earn ($3 million. That’s a lot of zeros.)

9. Arts and crafts are very fun. So if you are a small individual you could buy an XL and wear it inside-out as a smock.

10. KoS endorses the shirt, and that’s the only endorsement you need to know.



p.s. Do you like all my hyperlinks?


  1. Roddy Pattison

    You almost got me! I’m wavering!

  2. Bruyneel

    I’d get one if you had full syndication in your RSS feed 😉

    • iamtedking

      Sadly, Bruyneel, I don’t know what syndation in my RSS feed means. But I thank you for your (near) support.

      So can I put you down for three?

      • Bruyneel

        It means, I would like to read your blog in my Google Reader window with the rest of the blogs I read, instead of having to read it here.

        • iamtedking

          Well Bruyneel, we at iamtedking enjoy doing things differently, so even though it might take a little extra something-something to get here, we appreciate that you take time to read iamtedking at

          (side note, I don’t control the behind the scenes stuff. So my lack of RSS syndication has nothing to do with me.)

          That said, I’ll put you down for four t-shirts. And thank you in advance!

  3. Jacqui

    Ummm, love your blog…(three, no more than three right?) just don’t go crazy on the hyperlink thing (didn’t know that was their official name), Bike Snob NYC has too many sometimes and it drives me nuts. Luckily, personally, it’s a short trip. Keep up the good work.

  4. Brian

    Let me tell you, I’d doubt I’d ever wear a Lance Armstrong t-shirt, but Ted King? You bet your sweet bippy! [1]

    Also, you really need to rock these valve covers on your bike:

    [1] – I’m not sure what a sweet bippy is, but my grandfather used to say that all the time, and when he said it, it would be with such gusto that it has to be good!

  5. Ed

    For the XL it should read; I am soo not Ted King!


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