Super broseph extraordinaire (aka my older brother) Robbie got me into cycling, so I recommend you take note of what he has to say.

Here he is felling a tree with his bare hands, circa 2007.

Robo with tree

He’s good at bike racing and especially good at clip-art.

See what I mean HERE.


  1. Jeff

    Where’d your police encounter post go? Inquiring minds with the ability to rhyme want to know.

    • iamtedking

      I received some unruly replies saying “Oooooooh Teddy, that was a terrible thing to advertise. I can’t believe you posted a blog bragging about that!”

      A) I wasn’t bragging – it was a verbatim story of what happened. B) There was NOTHING dangerous about it.
      C) Because you asked, I’ll email you the story now. It’s a kick.

  2. Jon

    Teddy, I have been following you for about a year now. Congrats on all of your cycling triumphs! I enjoy reading all of your posts about your adventures.

    As to your brother, I had the honor of racing with him for a year @ Holderness and I have fond memories of him whooping my butt for town lines around Newfound Lake on a few occasions. In fact, I think that resulted in my first ever bonk.

    I’m looking forward to reading about the upcoming season and happy holidays!

    -Jon Campbell


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