FOR SALE – iamtedking shirts

Big thanks to the fellas over at Cutaway Clothing for creating these shirts, and to Jason Schweitzer of Creative Outlet Advertising for producing the iconic iamtedking logo.

i am a shirt

i am a shirt

To get yours, either click on THIS link, or else jump up to that “STORE” link at the top of this page.

IMPORTANT: Orders received now will ship on December 17, which is plenty of time for Christmas!

How big of an iamtedking fan are you?! Test your loyalty among your friends to see who can collect the most!
…just kidding.


  1. Wolverine Jackman

    While inspecting the ins and outs and what have yous and have you nots of the new site I came across a startling revelation. The saddle of your bicycle seems to be rather nose down!!!! Thus, I am having an extremely hard time visting your site as it makes me cringe and feel somewhat naseous!

    Secondly, being a bff and all, do I get a shirt??? I would like a size large if that in fact was the case. I can pay in “that is what she said jokes!

    Therefore, in summary; your saddle is nose down thus, looking at it hurts me a little. And a shirt in exchange for “that is what she said jokes,” is a great deal, from your perspective.

    Have a great X-mas (did not want to offend anyone).

    • iamtedking


      The photo was taken on an uneven surface. I know you and your leveling device can rest assured that my saddle is in fact even. Not nose up, not nose down.

      Keep the T.W.S.S. jokes coming. Miss you, BFF,

      (Note, “BFF” and “WTF-(adjective)” are the only two places where abbreviations will be permitted on this blog. Thank you.

  2. Dan

    Larges are sold out. WTF how can I rock that mad style if I can’t get my hands on it.

  3. Nicole

    I went over to check them out fully expecting to have to come back and do the usual complaint of lack of women’s offerings – but Ted King has my back.

    I, with my misplaced assumptions, am not Ted King, obviously.


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