Black is the New White

Styles come and styles go, but KoS is never wrong. So to keep you up to date, in 2010 black is back.

Click HERE to see why (actually, don’t click there as the link as changed. This was a link to the new-for-2010 black kit, which marks a stark contrast to the white Cervelo kit that swept up the hearts of cycling fans across the globe with mass appeal in 2009).


  1. Trae

    Wow, Castelli really miss the boat when it comes to their choice for “male new kit model”? Seriously…Hushovd?

  2. Neill

    I look forward to another fresh round of comments from your readers on this one.

    On the positive side, it will be nice in the cold. And you can switch to white again in the spring. Again.

  3. Scott Woomer

    Back in Black! Looks good!

  4. Scott Woomer

    100% better than the proposed Radio Shack team kit!

  5. Lee

    You see that Diddy, or P. Diddy, or whatever he’s called now just launched a new cologne? Its called “I Am King”, think he stole the name from your blog…

  6. Bo

    What do you think of the new RadioShack kits?.

    I’m not sure this question should even be dignified with an answer. The team may have been seeking a contrast against the rest of the ProTour peloton instead of style. (Just in case they accidentally lose track of The Boss and his minions?) But, if this is the case, what is your opinion on the quest for contrast? The desire to differentiate oneself from the masses. Is this element not an integral component of style? (when done properly)

  7. Ashley

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place, but I just wanted to say that I like the fancy new blog design! (So I guess in this case, white is the new black? This is all getting quite confusing…[refraining from using a smiley face and/or the verbal-to-written translation of laughter, because as an English major I understand your frustration with such annotations]). Anyway, hope you’re enjoying Santa Barbara, hope it’s warmer there than it is here in San Francisco. You should check out San Luis Obispo if you have the chance; went to school there and it’s an awesome town.

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