About Freakin' Time, eh?

So a while back – in fact, an embarrassingly long time ago – I started a little competition. Had the judges (me) settled on an official title it would have been something to the effect of, “I’m Making an I am Ted King Logo and I Want You to Design It, So Design One and See if You Win. If You Win You Will Earn Some Swag and Obviously a Great Deal of Street Cred.”

Without further ado, I introduce to you the newest “IamTedKing” logo, or Iam(not)TedKing I should say:


…this design is meant for branding on others and then I’ll remove the “not” when I’m wearing it. So it does make complete sense.

I think it’s clever, subtle, features lively fonts and creative letter layout, and is downright awesome. After receiving a whole bunch of cool and unique designs, the winner of this competition is none other than Jason Schweitzer of Creative Outlet Advertising. Thanks again Jason. Winner winner chicken dinner!

We’ll see just how productive I can be in the next few days and weeks to get this logo up and into production. I’m thinking of starting with t-shirts and mugs and then swiftly moving onto world domination. And if that doesn’t pan out, then hats.

Any buyers out there? Anyone? …Bueller?


  1. Douglas

    Any buyers? Only hells yeah.

  2. Emily Baker

    I think you should leave the “not” out of the women’s items. After all, we’re all tedking.

  3. Derek

    you better believe it. thats pretty badass!

  4. Thomas Woodson

    That is one awesome design. Major props to Jason Schweitzer. I gave it a shot, but I haven’t gotten to take any formal design theory classes in art school yet.

    My entry

    Someday Ted, someday…

  5. Susan

    At least one please. šŸ˜€

  6. Chris

    That is amazing man. I want one.

  7. Tyskerud

    Awsome desing ! Looking forward to the T-shirt. Hope you plan to ship overseas ?

  8. theFreakinGuy

    Great logo design!
    I found your blog because you used the term “freakin” within your url address. A link to “About Freakin Time, eh”, is now posted to http://www.FreakinUniverse.com – Portal to All That Is Freakin. Thank you for contributing content to the FreakinĀ® Network.

    You’ll do well with your new logo…

  9. Bartt

    I’m there, sign me up for one!

  10. Scott Woomer

    Looks great! Can’t wait to wear one around ‘Toona!

  11. Dana

    It’s already on my Christmas wish list. One in each color!

  12. scott

    Given the international nature of your fame, I think you should go with: Ceci n’est pas Ted King! Also, you wouldn’t have to change the logo when you wear it, because the the shirt is NOT Ted King. (With apologies to Rene Magritte)

  13. Ashley

    Will there be attractive lady styles appropriate for California weather? If so, I’ll hold up the iam(not)tedking banner for Nor Cal! Speaking of which, any inklings about the Tour of Cali?

  14. Tom

    a t-shirt like this would complement my “What Would Jens Do” shirt.

  15. Jon R.

    Hincapie move over! Ted King Wear is the next generation…

  16. trickycycling

    Want one now!!! (T shirt that is)

  17. Jeff

    You make a shirt, I’ll buy a shirt.

  18. Providence Lee

    I’m in for a t-shirt

  19. Eric

    One more.

  20. phillip

    I would like to help you produce these shirts if you dont already have the means, i run a small cycling inspired clothing company called Cutaway Clothing, send me a email if you are interested.

  21. redtdi

    Sign me up, men’s small white and black. No crazy colors like yellow, purple or green.

  22. firwave

    black t-shirt (small!) would be awesome & rural Maine will be representing.


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