Fit for a KING

I like puns as much as the next guy. Actually, no, I think I like them more than the next guy, so I just Googled “puns” and found the following stellar pun of the day.

“I’ve never tipped a cow. Then again, one has never served me food.” Oh yessssssssss. You’ll find that gem and hundreds of others at, which is the first result when you Google puns.

More to the point, when someone says to me “You can eat like a king” I retort that I ALWAYS eat like a King. Get it?! (…for those of you lagging behind, I am Ted KING.) My new dear friend Rob over at La Festa in Dover, NH is all about having not just me, but my entire King family to eat like kings. So after three incredibly action packed weeks visiting the fam, the King family bid me adieu with a final pizza dinner ova’ in Dova’.

This was my first time to La Festa, although Robbie was fairly privy to the events about to unfold. I did, however, know it was a brick oven pizza and beer establishment. Thankfully both pizza and beer are high on my off season eating list… or were, since I ended up eating enough for an entire off season. Moreover, Rob was intent on having the Kings eat like, well, gluttons. It was insane how much food was served! First it was beer. Then while we waited a bit some garlic knots arrived (that’s code word for pizza dough that tastes a little bit like heaven). Then more beer. Then pizza. And then more than enough pizza to sink a ship. But not just any ship, my friends – it would sink a ship fit for kings. (Heeeyyy-OOooh!)img00135-20091019-2010

Here is Robbie giving the thumbs up, King family vote of approval.


We did an impressive job of eating enough food for three full families, but didn’t get anywhere close to finishing it all. We did thankfully take plenty home too, so I was the envy of my flight the next day when I took out my doggy bag. We were hungry, and to use my new favorite word, we were gourmandizing.


That was spectacular – THANK you very much Rob!

And now to fully bring you up to speed, I’m back out in Boulder, CO which has so far been spectacular. While Garrett is no longer my teammate, he is once again my housemate, and still my BFF4E. Our garage has something just plain foolish like 18 bikes – and one dirtbike – between the two of us, our other housemate Jessica, and her manfriend TJ.

Colorado is a really fun state, and I’m especially glad it’s getting it’s allotment of snow out of the way now and not later when I have to get back into the full swing of bike riding. I’ve been here for just one week and we’ve had three different snow storms. This picture below is from our recent jaunt through Aspen where we had our second storm. As I type this, we’re receiving somewhere between six inches and two feet. Umm, what? Yeah, that’s a lot of flippin’ snow.


Well, that’ll do for now. If you haven’t seen them, below are some links to just a few of my fun shenanigans while I was back on the east coast. They’re wtf-good.

THIS, THAT, and THE OTHER. A photo of THE OTHER. Oh, and THIS is another pretty good summary as well.

Goodnight moon.


  1. Adam Myerson

    I definitely see a Fin du Monde on the table in the back. And it looks like another Unibroue in the foreground, possibly a Maudite, but I can’t see for sure.

    • iamtedking

      Very good eye Adam. We had a few Unibroue, definitely a FdM or two, some Moat Octoberfest, and I believe a Dogfish Head 60 minute. Or two. Or more. And as Robbie said, we also had “some wine for the ladies.”

  2. Robbie

    Fin Du Monde is my new favorite. I’m still eating leftover pizza for lunches. Today was the Amici.


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