Yes He Is…

I am Ted King. You are not Ted King. Actually, there are other Ted Kings out there, so I guess that last sentence stands a chance at being incorrect, but in all likelihood, you are not Ted King.

But don’t feel slighted, because here is your chance to help Ted King. I’m thinking of creating some iamtedking paraphernalia, so I’m asking you to tap into your artistic skills – be it clip art, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, your simple pen and pencil, or whatever you want – to create an iconic “iamtedking” graphic. I have no idea if and where this icon will be used, but I imagine if it ever gets off the ground, t-shirts would be a first step.

Bear in mind this is a competition and the rules are fierce! There is no set deadline, you can enter as many entries as you’d like, and there is a serious bit of swag that will be awarded to the rightful winner. I am the chief decision maker, but may consult my people in order to choose a winner.

Entries can be sent to:

Ted King wishes that you have an excellent day.


  1. Wayde Tardif

    Expect my entry[s] . . . !!!

  2. DeeDee315

    You have people?

  3. redtdi

    How about a shirt that just says “I am not Ted King”?

    • iamtedking

      Wittiness will be highly considered. So as of right now even tho your answer lacks any mention of fonts or word location on the shirt, you’re winning the contest. Brilliant!

  4. Amy Bush

    I’m thinking an umbrella that, when you open it, a life-sized Ted King head pops up….water resistent of course and, if you must, “I am Ted King” written on it the body of the umbrella itself.

    BTW, you’re golf tweets helped me on my drive home from ToM on Tuesday….the laughter kept the oxygen going to my brain……thanks for that. 🙂

  5. iworedettos

    i have no witty ideas at the moment, (oh, give me time) but i would totally buy an “i am not ted king” t-shirt. or cycling cap. probably both. i would suggest not comic sans. (trying to help.)

  6. Dana

    Even if you go with another idea, I want an “I am not Ted King” t-shirt!!

  7. Nathan Dailey

    I’m new to this site, but from what I’ve read so far, I totally want one too! Sign me up when you have a design finalized.

  8. Thomas

    Ted King, sent something awesome your way

  9. Jeff Rowe

    Mine will say “I know Ted King, and you, sir, are no Ted King.”. Or will have a picture of Stefan at St Louis Airport asking anyone, “Are you Ted King?”

  10. Nicole

    Ah, someone beat me to the “I am not Ted King” idea! As such, I will now humbly entreat that the eventual winner also be available in a girly tee.

  11. matthew

    According to the Daily Peloton Iamtedking will be changed to iamedking. Just wanted to point that out. Congrats on the Boston Crit

  12. thebikebar

    Ted – Bike Anonymous is pimping your request.


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