Recent NYTimes article:

“School cafeterias and vending areas have become ground zero in the battle against overweight and poorly nourished children; from coast to coast this fall, students will encounter fewer sugary soft drinks, fewer fried foods, class birthday parties without cupcakes and class bake sales with calorie-reduced brownies…”

(Read the rest of it, HERE.)

I can appreciate the first few measures to counteract obesity going on here, but the final two are downright un-American and I vehemently oppose them.

Like... yum.

Like... yum.

In unrelated news, THIS is my new favorite website for mindless perusing.


  1. cosmo

    Cupcakes are amazing. I will go a long way for a good cupcake.

  2. Bob T.

    Cake is the most wonderful thing in the world.

    I made the mistake of checking out the link while I was eating breakfast. I actually started to get a little nauseous when I got to the Krispy Kreme Jelly Donut Chicken Sandwich. I think my cholesterol went up a couple of points just looking at it.

  3. meeko

    Your fave website is so flipping wrong, man! I couldn’t stop looking at it. I kept on going from one page to the other. Oh, bacon! I love bacon, man. Oh, and all things fried. Panko encrusted bacon… hell yeah! Never mixed bacon, peanut butter and jelly together, though. That just doesn’t sound right. But for the sake of experience, I’ll try it tonight for midnight snack.


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