Checking In

Hi De Ho!

I’m writing for during the Tour of Missouri, so feel free to check in there for some insight into the race. HERE is the pre-race entry and HERE is entry numero dos after Thor stormed to victory on stage 3. Hope you think the writing is up to snuff.

Hmm, what else? The team is riding like all-stars right now all over the globe which is a blast to see and be part of. Thor is fast in Missouri, Simon Gerrans’ win at the Vuelta was pretty spectacular and savvy, and the rest of the guys are off to Tour of Britain which begins on Saturday. Yup, life is good right now.

Here’s a great picture from DeeDee at nationals last week. teddy-king-chalkAnd now I bid you adieu as we’re off to the races.


  1. Bob T.

    Seriously … how cool is it to see your name written on the road as you go riding by surrounded by the best cyclists on the planet?

  2. Ron Mandsager

    Regarding your problem w/ the clue to your crossword: C-A-M-E-L (bactrian camel – the two humped kind, as opposed to the dromedary camel, w/ only one hump). Here to help…

    Good luck w/ the rest of the race – enjoying it from way out here in Oregon!

  3. Patrick C.

    Ted…’bactrial beast’ = ‘staph’. Cheers!

    Hopefully we’ll see you at UWBL in G’ville this winter.


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