I thought that “The Convertible” sandwich was a one of a kind. Neigh to that friends. Little did I know, just 72 hours later that particular sandwich would be outdone. I’m now in Austria where the locals enjoy their food RICH. Heavenly delicious creamy sauces: check. Fried… err… well fried everything: check. And lots of beer: check. Yup, they enjoy the good food just as much as I like to eat it!

If the last sammy was dubbed “The Convertible,” this one is the “Car Wreck.” Now, I will point out that this wasn’t my order for lunch, but the fellow sitting next to me. It’s basically the same layout as The Convertible – your basic club sandwich, except instead of a fried egg beneath a retractable carbohydrate roof, this is a bacony-delicious mess draped artistically atop the club sandwich! In a word: wow!bacon-sammy

(Please pardon the picture quality, as it was taken with my phone. By the way, it’s a BlackBerry and I still despise it. It reset today three times. And the internet didn’t work the ONE time I actually needed to use it at my flight check in. Not cool.)


  1. Donna dorsett

    Ok it is shocking and I know some people who would love it I am going to pass. It is just wayyy too much. Sorry about the BB no fun when it doesn’t do what you need it to do! Did u race today? Sorry I was watching that other race in Monaco.

  2. Lyne

    Needs some maple syrup.

  3. Jono

    Hey Ted – I really enjoy your blog. Eating – a fantastic by product of cycling is the opportunity to eat vast quantities of food with no weight gain ha ha. Jono

  4. Pooser

    Treavis at Fig would fix a steak-frites with an egg hanging like a beret over the top and pour himself a Duvel. The sandwitch pic makes me want to go order one ASAP.


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