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The cool thing to do in this age of instant technology updates is a Twitter update “on the way to the start.” Well, I’m opting for the full fledged blog update via the Crapberry Storm about our trip to the start. We are headed to the 8th and final stage of the Tour of Austria, which coincidentally takes place in Austria. This race has been tough with plenty of jaunts through the Austrian Alps – most of which through rain and more rain. But the final two stages have been pleasantly flatter and sunnier, which makes me happier and happier. So today is something of a formality with Michael Albasini effectively having clinched the GC win in yesterday’s TT. Today, though, will offer some fun circuitry through Vienna… since we are doing just that. Namely, 10 finishing circuits through Vienna (or Wein as it’s spelled locally). Hmm, what else? Uploading blog entries from the Storm is painful at best and heinously tedious at worst, so I’ll wrap it up now. Bu’bye.


  1. Bob T.

    Nice job with that attack today, Ted. So close….

    I hope there’s some video of this race somewhere, because I’m actually interested in races taking place outside of France this month.

    Allez, Ted!

  2. Steve

    Way to go Ted… a great TT and then an inspired and inspiring final stage. Keep rolling and writing… and I’ll keep reading!

  3. Merlyn

    Most be a greath oppertunity, to ride in a team like Cervelo!!
    Learn and enjoy!!

  4. JB

    If you ever make it back, it’s “Wien” … “Wein” = wine 🙂


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