Randy Taylor

This is nearly too good to be true.

My dear old friend, former teammate, and compatriot of America, Brent Bookwalter, brought this video – err, audio, I should say – to my attention while rolling out of the neutral section of today’s Tour of Romandie. No, we didn’t watch it in the neutral section, but he enlightened me to it and I had the chance to check it out after the race. It reminds me a lot of a series of blog posts I did back in February about certain things that only happen ONLY IN AMERICA.

In other news, the Boston Bruins are awesome and will proudly hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup aloft this spring as winners of the National Hockey League.

Lastly, this is what you do when the first stage of Romandie gets cut in half and delayed three hours because of precipitation (note: rain in low altitudes mean snow in high altitudes):

img_0522Chuck your legs up on the dashboard and wait!


  1. Bob T.

    Why, Jimmy Dean … why do you hate Randy Taylor and his 600 lbs of men? (and his slightly plump wife) You don’t expect them to survive on just 2 dozen eggs and t-bone steaks for breakfast, do you? His arteries aren’t going to clog themselves.
    Dammit … give the man his extra 4 ounces of your tasty and delicious sausage, you greedy soulless corporate bastards!

    Only in America? No, Ted … only in Texas.

  2. Mike F

    I will assume you knocked on wood with the Bruins comment!

  3. iamtedking

    I’m not down with superstitions, Mike, so I don’t knock on wood. I watch the Bruins win the cup.

  4. ChadS

    Trust me, Bob T. Randy has relatives here in NC.
    Ted, I’ll bet you can count on one hand the number of American Randy Taylor-sized Morbidly Obese people you have seen in Europe.
    I saw only one the entire 2 weeks I toured Germany in 2003. And there was sausage everywhere!

  5. ryank

    Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches singled handedly saved my ass on several (very late) occasions my freshman year of college. All that grease quickly neutralizes any other liquids in your stomach.


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