if words were pasta…

…then carbo load on this.


(copy and paste it; sorry I only have a blackberry this month.)


  1. Huck

    Wicked Teddy! We’re watching you on TV right now!!!!Have a great month! Best wishes from Keally and Tommy!

  2. crane

    Eat up! Best of luck man, and enjoy!

  3. Andie

    You received a nice mention on the Eurosport feed this morning. It’s true, you’re on a worldwide stage and we’re all watching. Congratulations!

  4. Nate Helming

    Hi Teddy!
    Keep your head down and keep pushing thru these next few weeks. I’m excited to watch your progress as it continues and read you velo news article as it comes out.
    I’m back in cali training hard for my ironman in 6 weeks! I’ll let you know how it goes! A 1 day event seems far more civil tho!


  5. Daniel

    Hey Ted,

    My name’s Daniel. I wrote you a while back when I was applying to Middlebury. I’m here now and we’re all cheering you on. Good job! Keep it up! Do us Proud!

  6. Adam Carlson

    what up ted. ride hard. make midd proud. nella bocca del lupo


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