Dear everyone awesome,
Yes, that includes you. I just wanted to say ciao from Italy to my loyal MissingSaddle readers. Ill follow that up with Ciao and Ciao ciao, since that’s basically all I hear or understand when a pair or Italians enter a conversation with one another. I think it’s a very useful word since it seems to mean hello, goodbye, how are you, I’m good, and a few other meanings.

If all goes well, this blackberry will upload a picture from my Italian travels in the Giro so far. If not, then blame the blackberry.

Ciao ciao ciao ciao!


  1. Lyne

    Buona fortuna! see not just for TZ. oh and ciao

  2. Lee H


    Ride hard, enjoy the day, and this past B’wood resident is cheering loudly!

  3. Jonah

    Ciao Ted! We met briefly at ATOC. I’m glad to see you at the Giro. Say Ciao to Carlos and the rest of the CTT staff….God bless and be safe. Ciao!

  4. josh a

    Do you think ciao could also be the set-up and delivery of dick jokes? If so, I will use the word often at this week’s Wed Night Worlds ride…

  5. Sarah

    Hey there! The Giro sounds great and harrowing- I am learning a lot about racing these days following the tour. While Milan may not have counted towards the total, it was VERY cool to see the screen pop your name up in the front group! 🙂 Stay safe and good luck to you and the team!

  6. Fritz T

    Ciao Ted, from the old guy who was lucky enough to ride with the Team in Westlake Village CA. We’re getting superb online race coverage at home. Great job today! Loved your race report. Please send my congrats to Serge on his excellent race yesterday, and tell Carlos we’re really pulling for him. Keep going strong.

    Fritz T

  7. lee

    keep it up ted… one week down!

  8. Smolko

    You’re getting there brotha…keep fighting…i love the diary entries.

  9. Chuck O'Ceallaigh

    Way to go Teddy. The guys at Exeter Cycle were talking about you this morning and we all admired how well you are doing. You have become a local hero to many of us. Very very impressed. I understand that Lance himself gave you a shout!! keep it up man.

  10. David Gregg

    Love seeing your blog and contributions to Velo news. As a former Middlebury cyclist a decade earlier and a lot slower, it is great to see you in the Giro and have a great new young cyclist to pull for.

  11. Kat

    in bocca al lupo for the rest of the giro….ask around for the meaning 🙂 and have fun!

  12. scott

    Great job so far! Nice to see you moving up the GC! Have a safe final week!


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