Answer: An iamtedking Rarity

Question: What is a iamtedking race report?

Alex Trebec: Correct!

Greetings readers! Today’s blog-entry is a two part masterpiece. The first is a race report, which is something I typically do not write, while the second is a QUIZ! There’s no grading on the second part, but perhaps there is a fun prize for the winner. Put on your party hats and let’s go!

I dislike the verb “to blog,” I don’t enjoy saying, “I am blogging,” and find “to blog-entry” to be grammatically incorrect, yet the closest meaning to what I’m trying to say. So trust me that the following does in fact make sense:

I typically do not enjoy blog-entrying in the form of a race report, but doing races like those of the Ardennes week is classified as worthy by me. Here’s my brief race report.

But first allow me to backtrack; I was originally sent on a road trip April 12 – Easter Sunday. I was scheduled for two one-day races, Ronde van Drenthe in Holland and GP Scheldeprijs in Belgium, then return to home-base on April 15th. Two and a half weeks later I find myself on the same road trip, having taken part in five races, and today I’ll begin the six-day Tour of Romandie in Switzerland. Good thing I packed excessively on my original three-day road trip, eh?

Even though in eight days time we had just three races, the Ardennes week feels like a stage race. It was a whirlwind week with three monumental classics back to back to back – Amstel, Fleche, Liege. The whole week was a learning experience since it was the first time participating in each these for yours truly. The Mur de Huy and la Redoute, for example, are some crazy love child of awesomeness and insanity. I finished the first two races, but somewhat hesitantly pulled the plug before the finish of at Liege. I was covering the early moves in Liege – which took nearly two full hours of incessant attacks to establish(!) – so I burned a lot of matches in those 100km. Then by the time 200km ticked by, I was in an isolated group not contesting the finish. Plus with Romandie beginning not even two days later, I found the motivation to slog through out the final 60km tough to summon. Conserving my energy, I finished my classics campaign in the second feedzone of Liege.

Consider yourself learned.

Part deux: Super fun QUIZ time!

I Googled myself the other day, because like all cyclists I’m vain, and just like people in general I’m curious to know what the world thinks about me. I found a Flemmish cycling forum speaking about the Cervelo TestTeam and then a particular blurb about yours truly. Google-Translator did the dirty work for me and I discovered that the Flemmish people have noticed that I like to blog-entry about food. Food is yummy and an integral part of my life, so while this certainly isn’t newsworthy to me, I thought I would go through my entire library of photos (because using iPhoto is fun on a Mac) and create an album dedicated to all the pictures I have taken of food, beverage, or other comestibles. The QUIZ will determine just how loyal my loyal readers are. Whoever can identify the most pictures will win a very awesome, rare, and spectacular prize which is yet to be announced. Ready… set… go…

1. the-walls-offerings


3. rehersal-dinner-24

4. img_0217

5. img_0280

6. rehersal-dinner-18

7. fryer

8. birthday-dessert-1

9. nobus-birthday-dinner-1

10. banana-bread


Five pictures are celebrations in some form or another (birthdays, holidays, etc.)

Four are somehow cycling related (taken during camps, races, etc.)


  1. iamtedking

    FYI: the album I created has 147 pictures of food.

  2. Huck

    2: coffee of some sort. 10: banana bread. I am unsure if I were there for the banana bread making on that occasion though… Great seeing you 2 weeks back mate, and really happy for you to bounce back from the injury, to have a great “1st classics” campaign! See you soon mate…!

  3. Bob T

    Damn … I was hoping to see that picture of the bunny cake that Corey gave you at Poco Loco’s so I could get at least one right!

  4. nick

    #1 = Wes Hartman in front of the infamous THE WALL, the location where dreams were fulfilled for hundreds, or at least tens, of American cyclists. Here’s a map of how to get there (sorry, Google Maps won’t allow me to get walking directions from the US of A.),3.224831&sspn=0.012177,0.038624&ie=UTF8&z=17

  5. Bruno

    1. A Wall of food somewhere on your ~3 day road trip
    2. Coffee, to make you happy
    3. Rehearsal dinner from Matthew and Katie’s wedding
    4. Nice big ‘merican cup of coffee
    5. Rice-krispie treats, everyone’s favorite training food.
    6. Oysters on the half shell from Matthew and Katie’s rehearsal dinner
    7. Looks like a turkey fryer to me, Thanksgiving probably
    8. Dessert for your birthday
    9. Sushi from Nobu’s birthday
    10. I think Huck’s right about the banana bread.

  6. Kyle J

    Congrats on making the Giro squad!!

  7. Robbie

    I like quizzes. So, allow me to have at it, unless the fine print of your sweepstakes prevents family from winning.

    1. A doozie. American-levels of food, but in a format I’ve never seen. Look like some American brands, but in weird bottle shapes. We have more cans, and bigger bottles. I’m guessing a low-brow Euro cafeteria. Or maybe something near Santa Barbara.

    Actually, this is cheating for me to answer any others, since I know some answers.

    Plus this made me hungry for some banana bread. Did I cut that out?

  8. Jesse

    Congrats on your Giro selection, man! Good luck! Will be rooting for you.

  9. Lee

    I would answer, but to be honest, I cheated. when you scroll over the pictures, the names pop up… so i’ll refrain…

  10. iamtedking

    Lee, you are correct. I don’t think I know Bruno, for example, yet he knows a lot of the answers. A lot of his answers are just weird though because he makes up names. I don’t know a Katie and Matthew who are married. Frightening.

  11. keith weil

    congrats on making the big time. I think I wil have to hang on to some of this gear might be worth something someday. Good luck with the rest of the season

  12. Matthew Price

    Hi Ted, the gentleman, logistical guru extraordinare, as you call him is probably Theo right? I was a mechanic for Gerolsteiner 04 and 05. Theo’s Race PDF’s are unreal eh?! The Giro is great. Excellent food every night 🙂 Hotels can be “interesting” though.
    Have a safe and good race!
    Greetings, Matthew

  13. Bo

    1) The most amazing vending machine ever!
    2) How you wake up in the morning
    3) New England at its finest
    4) The proper way to make coffee (notice the unused american toy in the background)
    5) Peanut brittle? (or you found a source for super-sized rice crispies)
    6) More offerings for a New England localvore
    7) How to blow up a frozen turkey
    8) An aprroved birthday dessert
    9) Your plate (that’s a lot of ginger)
    10) Your slice of banana bread


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