What's Cooler Than Being Cool, part II

In light of the current weather conditions in New Hampshire as well as the blog entry title from a few weeks back, I’ve dubbed this particular entry What’s Cooler Than Being Cool part II. But by in large my readers are an educated bunch, so you probably figured that out already by reading the title above.

So for starters, the frigid weather here in New Hampshire is certainly cooler than being cool. However, per doctor’s orders, I’m still restricted to the trainer, so whether I’m riding a trainer here in NH or CA or Switzerland or Beijing, a trainer is a trainer so it really doesn’t matter that much. Right? Right.

Although last night my friend Tom and I brought a new level of dorkery to riding a trainer. I was pedaling along, sweating a gallon an hour, watching the ’08 Giro on DVD (thanks Exeter Cycles!), and suddenly my computer’s Skype function started tweaking out. With my sinewy long arms, I reached forward, answered the call, and there in front of me on my computer screen is my friend Tom riding his trainer staring right back at me! It was actually pretty cool since our ongoing conversation extended my ride about 20 minutes longer than I would have ridden. All sorts of phrases entered my head as we Virtual-Trainer-Group-Rode like “Misery loves company” or “Oh my God, you guys are complete dorks!” The latter was courtesy of Tom’s girlfriend who entered the video screen behind Tom and said it, followed moments later by Robbie entering my video screen and saying the exact same thing. BIKE DORKS UNITE!

When riding a trainer twice a day is simply too tedious, I’ve been known to hike. Last Sunday/Monday New Hampshire received about a foot of snow so I seized the opportunity to hike the mountain called Pawtuckaway. At roughly 1,000′ above sea level, this is no walk in the park. Actually… wait… umm… it is a walk in the park. Literally since it’s part of the NH State Parks system. And after hiking mega 14’ers with Garrett in Colorado back in the fall, one thousand feet is pretty darn tame. That said, I do have a broken arm and with about 18 inches of snow on the ground, it was a great workout and (partially) rewarding with a (very obscured, snowy) vista atop the mountain.


FYI those cross bars are three stories up the fire tower.

Here’s a pic of the snow I trudged through.


I backed up that hike with another two and a half hour adventure up Pawtuckaway the very following day with my friends Melissa and Ryan, although this time we were treated to bluebird skies and a few other peoples’ tracks to help plow through the snow. Plus the winds were 20 mph calmer and 20 degrees warmer. Much more pleasant to say the least. The hike was preceded by homemade blueberry, wholewheat, dark chocolate chip pancakes made by yours truly in honor of Melissa’s birthday. On numerous occasions while chowing away, she said they were the best pancakes she’s ever had. Now that superlative is saved only for the FINEST of fine foods. Thanks Melissa for the lofty praise!img_3130

Here’s a funny picture of Ryan busting through the snow like a man on a mission as we near the windblown summit. Funny, because there is a well worn path just ten feet to his right! But we had a good time busting trail and making circuitous paths, while bushwhacking our way up and down the mountain. That ensures anyone following our tracks would thoroughly confused.


Two days later, today is Robbie’s birthday, which is nothing short of awesome! Good things come in pairs, so I made more of the same pancakes, except this time I added granola to the mix. Delicious? As if you had to ask. So be sure to wish him a happy day, and if you have the memory for it, ask him to show you the card I gave him because it’s a riot, but slightly more than PG-rated for this family friendly blog.

Time for a three-a-day workout. Trainer, errands, trainer, gym. BAM.


  1. Ralph Thompson

    I’ve followed you and Robbie the past couple years. I am an avid fan and always watch for you and Robbie. I’m from Sacramento and ride with (ok see if you can follow this…) Robbie’s old college roommate’s (Blair) father, Luke Wilson!

    I am also a professional sports photographer and have some nice photos of you suffering up Sierra road in 07 and nice photos of the prologue both this year and last. Pop me an email and let me know where I can send you photos (if your are interested).



  2. Jonny Bold

    Hi Ted,
    Nice writings. We met a couple years ago at the York beach crit and in the break at Portsmouth. I’ve been following your results, as well as Robbie’s ever since. It’s great to read about a New Englander on the Euro scene. You know you’ve arrived when your teamate is the freakin’ TDF Champ! Sa-Weet! Obviously I ended up here via the VeloNews interview. Good luck in your recovery and all season. Lastly, Happy B-Day Robbie (you old man),Cinco de March? I missed you on the Cross scene this year, Jonny Bold
    Oh ya….I gotta see the card now. Say hello to Troy 4 me.

  3. Peter Bromirski

    Where did you go to school in VT? I grew up in Hoosick Falls NY. Right on the VT, MS, NY border. I exist in the South. Have lived in Al for 24+ years. The winters are great except for a few days. The summers are brutal, but a little sweating never hurt. You just have to be sure you have stores/water refill spots if you go for a long ride in August.
    Hope your arm gets back to 100% ASAP.

  4. Bob T.

    I like the new look of the site, Ted. Nice write-up on Velonews.com today. Take it easy, get that arm healed up, and I’ll expect to be seeing you in the Giro.

    By the way, the Giro is my favorite “trainer’ race to watch. I just put in a mountain stage and pretend I’m in the lead group. They attack … I stand up and attack. Makes for a good workout.

    I’ve won the climb up the Stelvio ten times!

  5. iamtedking

    Hey Peter,

    I went to Middlebury. I’ve never actually been to Hoosick Falls, but I
    recognize the name from driving up and down eastern NY getting to races while based in Midd! I loved that school and love the area.

    Sounds like Alabama is a nice place. I’ve raced the Sunny King
    Criterium in the past, but otherwise don’t think I’ve spent more than
    about 2 hours passing through.

  6. Jon M.

    Did Garret ever get back from his mountaineering adventure he embarked on a few months ago or did the Yeti get him??

  7. Jake Nie

    Hey Ted Its Jake from Ubikes.

    Hope all is well I hope your arm heals up ok. Tell the Test Team Jesse and I say hey and let them know that I’m looking for a 56 SLC-SL!

    Today was about 65 degrees here in Boulder.
    (I’d just like to rub that in)

    Email me the next time your in town.

    Good Luck Ted

    Jake Nie

  8. Will Marinell

    Shout out from a Squirrel Island, ME friend/fan. Heal up, Ted, we want to see you back in action and blazing along past many a peloton. Best wishes to you, your brother and family, and do get better soon!

  9. thek2

    The site looks super fly so that should make up for the bike ‘dorkness’ though it’s part of the job, eh? Keep the positive energy flowin’ and you’ll be back to hammering it out in no time… on a bike that is actually going somewhere. 😉


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