Tea and Strumpets with Mary Swanson

I rather enjoyed my LAST entry where I started with a photo completely unrelated to anything in this particular blog. Today’s edition pays tribute to the Christmas of 2007 where I made a Bouche de Noel. What is a Bouche de Noel you ask? Well if the term “Yule Log” doesn’t ring a bell, then check THIS website and edify yourself


I made this tasty dessert with the help of six sticks of butter. A single square inch bite is enough to spike your blood pressure into astronomically high levels. Yup, six sticks, so needless to say it’s a fairly rich dessert.

But that’s two years and a lifetime away, so I’m on the healthy comeback trail right now. After an excellent stay in Tucson with Custis and Co. I made the trip out to Santa Barbara for the second of a two week mega huge training block. I’m loving life as I slog along these four, five, and six hour days in sunny-See-Aye. Here for example is a shot atop the Gibraltar climb, which puts me up around three thousand feet above sea level. Sure darn felt like a million feet, but that would mean I did a million feet of climbing in 45 minutes so that’s a pretty stellar effort.img00059-20090318-1047

My first three days here in Santa Barbara were post-card perfect. Here are a few shots that pay testament to that…

Down by the beach.


Then off to the farmers’ market.


And here’s my home-office/dining room/living room/bedroom.


And now the close up on the right of the previous picture. Notice the fresh oranges ripe for the pickin’ on the right. Yup, thanks next door neighbors!


ROBBIE infamously once ate a burrito before Merced weekend in ’06 that was larger than his head in a single sitting. He should have earned a t-shirt or a free meal for that effort. Legend has it, that it was larger than his torso. This particular tortilla filled with rice, beans, carnitas meat, various spices, topped in cheese, spicy tomato sause, guacamole, and green salsa (which is also offen referred to as a “burrito”) wasn’t quite as large, but definitely many times more delicious. Before…


…and after. Note the alluring hefty portion of sour cream on the left that I wisely opted out of.


Today was a bit overcast, but overcast sure does not mean snow, which is probably what’s happening back home in NH. So here’s the view from my hog that Aaron and Kim generously lent me this week. I’m merely coasting down the hill because you’ll notice the speedo is barely nicking fifteen. Full throttle and I’m easily maxing this beast beyond 90… and that’s through town.

img_0259Good stuff. I love Santa Barbara. Peace out.


  1. Chris

    Where did you get the burrito, I might be in SB next week and that thing looks good. The elevation gain on Gibraltar is almost exactly the same as Alpe Du Huez, or so i’ve been told.
    Glad to see you back on the bike, it was great meeting you down in westlake at the training camp before TOC.

    • iamtedking

      Corner of Milpas and E. De La Guerra. Little taco joint on the corner. They also have some amazing $1 tacos. Yup.

  2. Steve

    Ted nice to hear of the glorious weather in Cali! Have you received word on when you’ll be back with the team racing?

  3. Alex

    Hi Ted, I was on the Cervélo website and I looked at the members of the team and I saw that you and Ms. Armstrong are the only people from the USA. And I figures the Ms. Armstrong probably has more mail coming in than you might. But, I noticed that you said your favorite training ride is along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Brevard / Ashville, NC. I go down there every summer myself for the regional mountain biking camp. And I have folks near there, and I usually spend a week or more riding in the mountains. Where is your usual staring point and end point for that ride? I have only rode sections of it, somewhere between 60- 65 miles. And do you know how long it is. I know this seems kind of long, but I am in my teens and I am busy with other sports, crew. However, I really LOVE biking and I need to get some better components. Do you have any tips, on how to do so? Sorry, for the essay.

    Thank you,
    – Rossetti


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