When it rains…

…it rains. Literally. Especially in California. But not in New Hampshire where I am now. Here it snows and rains and I see a half dozen cars off the road in the snowbank in the 20 mile stretch between airport and home at 2am. So from the standpoint that I’m not sitting in the ditch on the side of the road, I’m grateful. I’m also grateful that I didn’t do worse damage to my body. My friend and former teammate was sitting next to me in the hospital with a broken femur. THAT is a wicked pissah.

So, yes, I’m happy I didn’t hurt myself worse. I’m unhappy, though, that I’m not racing my bike. Bringing everyone up to speed, an unnamed Italian rider directly in front of me decided to plant his left foot on the ground and veer left at about 10mph during the friggin’ neutral section of ToCA’s stage 3, causing me to run into him and hit the deck. It wasn’t terribly hard, but hard enough for me to jack my arm at an awkward angle thereby fracturing the greater tuberosity in my left humerus – upper arm to the layperson. I’ve received one diagnosis/prognosis that I’m not too disappointed with, but I’ll be getting another one tomorrow just to be sure.

I remounted my bike, started the race, was actually passing riders while ascending the brutally steep Sierra Mountain using one arm for the first mile, but then the pain was overwhelming and I had to pull the plug. Emotions were in rollercoaster-mode right then. I’m usually a happy go lucky guy so I did all that I could to keep the tears in as I stepped into the team car. Basically it just plain sucks. I’m the only American on the team, so I was hoping for a really good showing out of myself on my home turf in my first race with the team. Not to be this time around.

That being said, this isn’t a sob story or pity party. Roommate and cool dude extraordinare Thor took the stage after the team rode awesomely delivering him to the line perfectly, so that lifted the spirits enormously. The pain in my shoulder is minimal which is great, despite the doctors saying that I shouldn’t be lifting anything heavier than a coffee cup (which I’m good at), and CANNOT risk smacking it again for a few weeks with the  ramifications of serious surgical complications were that to happen. It’s good to be with the fam healing up in New Hampshire before I head back overseas very shortly.

Thanks very much for everyone’s support. Professional cycling itself is a mental and emotional rollercoaster ride, so the well wishes really mean more than you could imagine.


  1. Carol

    Ted, I think you’re the guy who autographed my stage 3 map in the start lane before the race. Really sorry to hear you “got” crashed!

  2. Carol

    Good luck in future races.

  3. lyne

    That’s rough. Rest, get well, and come back strong.

  4. Ryan

    Bummer news when I found out….some bad luck. I’m looking forward to seeing you tear it up in Europe soon. Good luck with the recovery.

  5. Rich

    Suckfest. I too was pretty down when I heard you were, uh down too. Best for a quick recovery.

  6. the non-amurican

    Hopefully you’ll get confirmation that the injury isn’t going to keep you off the bike for too long. Maybe some trainer time, but you’ll be back in no time. It’s only februari. Plenty of racing to come. Listen to the doctor.Thor said on TV “the young Americans on the team are very strong…”

  7. S. Woomer

    We’re all wishing you a speedy recovery!

  8. dave benz

    Unfortunate for you Ted, hopefully you’ll heal well and quickly! We’ll watch and read yoru blog for the balance of the year…Best Wishes from Roswell, GA. The Benz Family

  9. Heather

    Oh Ted, I’m so sorry. We’re pulling for you as always and the Tour of CA isn’t as much fun to watch without you!
    Heather, Josh and the kids.

  10. solobreak

    Not the break you wanted to get into! Heal up and you’ll still have a great season. My first day in Camarillo sunshine today, I’ll have to interview your poster.

  11. Josh A

    Dude, you have to watch out for those unnamed guys…once they take you out you have no idea what to call them other than ‘Hey ASSCLOWN’.

  12. Huck

    Teddy, sorry to hear about that mate. Keep your head up, and I am sure you will be back better than your best in no time!

  13. Asheville fans

    All your fans here in Asheville wish you a speedy recovery.

  14. Damon Parke

    Hey Ted,

    Sorry to hear about the ToC mishap. Remember your crash at the Saco Road Race? I was right behind you for that one. Anyways, I wish you a quick recovery. Always cheering for the old LG boys. Congratulations on your success by the way!!

    you rock!


  15. Nicole

    Dude, that sucks. I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing you in any coverage. I had chalked it up to Versus’ poor editing (I didn’t even get to see Thor win as Vs. cut Stage 3 just short of the end and went to a hockey game), but now it makes sense.

    Here’s to a quick and complete recovery!

  16. Sven

    Ted, sorry to hear about your broken tuberosity. If possible, be glad you broke it doing something semi-heroic. I once cracked a tuberosity but the way I did it was dumb. Think roller blade ballet.

    I have some Norwegian language CD’s somewhere. If I think of it, I’ll send you some files and you can suprise Thor when you see him with some Norwegian: “Please pass the meatballs, Thor, they’re better than your mother’s”

  17. Carl Hofmann

    Ted, So sorry for the crash, but relieved you’re on the mend. Enjoyed cheering you and the team on from Boulder. Hey, I got a new Cervelo R3SL, too! Best blessings as you return to Europe. –Carl from First Pres

  18. myles mc corry

    Hello Ted,
    Well done on the TOC, Hope the season ahead is safe and full of glory.

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    Team manager Thomas Campana said that affiliating with the group was the riders’ personal choice and added that it is a “super initiative”. Wild, 26, won the first-ever Ladies’ Tour of Qatar earlier this month, with top four finishes in all three stages.

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  19. betsy

    Teddy — Finally I’m tuning in and checking up on your blog. So sorry about your arm. Are your still in New Hampshire? How did you fare in yesterday’s snow storm?
    love and keep on keeping on,

  20. Chuck O'Ceallaigh

    Hi Teddy;
    My wife Stefanie Diamond used to be a PA in your dad’s practice and I have been an admirer of both your dad and mom for many years. We continue to bump into each other at Christmas parties and I make sure to tell your dad especially, how much I think of him, both as a former employer of my wife and as a human being in general. I went to see him in rehab shortly after his stroke and witnessed how hard it was for both him and Margie so I am all the more grateful to see him doing so relatively well. He has not lost a step with his biting wit and humor. If anything it has gotten even more biting and sharp.
    I am an amateur and addicted cyclist who at 56 pushing 57 ride 20 – 30 a day, so I can in a small way greatly appreciate the extraordinary effort required to be at the level you are. I think that pro cyclists are THE greatest athletes in the world hands down. I hope that your recovery goes well and I wish you all the best in your efforts with Cervelo. You have worked hard and must be proud to be with such an outstanding group of pro athletes. After the TOC in 2008, had you not gotten injured I was thinking that you would do really well in this years race. How unfortunate. Now you will have to show them what they missed by doing so in the Giro or TDF. I truly believe that you will. Be well.

  21. Lyle F

    Hey Ted-

    really like the blog, etc.. sorry about the crash but sounds like you are healing up. I’m based in NH as well so maybe we can throw on the Panther kits and go for a spin sometime…I wore the full kit at reunion…big hit.

    good luck

    Lyle F

  22. Bev

    Ted, falling down is the pits. I did so on Obama day and broke my clavical. I hate it for you that its 6 – 8 weeks but glad to hear someone is being honest and smart. Good call. The trainer really sucks and even though I don’t ride for a living, I understand that basic fact! I’m at 6 weeks now and only have a few more weeks before I’m back on the road. Oh, by the way, it’s sunny in So Cal now! Best of luck to you.

  23. Chris

    Ted – just read the Velo News piece on you, good to know that Massachusetts & Connecticutt aren’t the only New England states with pro-riders. At least the weather is starting to pick up around here (50s this weekend -allegedly). Anyway, you’ve got one more fan from NH now.

  24. Bert

    Dude! I just wanna ride too!
    I joined a small race team for the first time, a training ride In Helen Ga. & Brasstown Bald next week and a small race schedule, and just found out my hip resurface device (like Landis’) came loose months ago and chewed a big portion of my pelvis away. Big surgery Mar 30th, no bike til probably July. I wanna jump off Brasstown, head first.
    Godspeed to you!


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