Wetter than Toast.

…that’s an expression.

Today’s installment of ONLY IN AMERICA is the Tour of California. Because unless there is a Tour of California in another country (I think Bettini lives in California, Italy), this is the only one there is and is therefore fitting for my less-than-daily-dose of OIA. Besides being featured as the ONLY IN AMERICA, the ToCA could could also be easily characterized by the inordinate amount of rain that’s fallen the past two days. In these past two days, the only thing less satisfying than checking weather.com is actually verifying that they are correct in their predictions for precipitation by riding through it. I just listened to the local news which said that parts of CA have received up to 8 inches of rain. Oh my that’s a lot! Today started out kind of enjoyably though – well besides the 5:50am wake up for the 8:30am stage start – because we rode across the Golden Gate Bridge. I have very few personal connections to California, but this seemed like a patriotic act since the GGB is such an American landmark. Additionally, I got to kick it with my former teammate and forever homeslice Zwiza… AND he graced us with a box-a-joe coffee in the comfort of the RV. Thanks Scott!

Well friends, I’m tired and soaked to the bone despite being finished with the race for nearly 5 hours at this point, so I’ll bid you adieu. Please wish/pray/hope/beg for the rain to subside for us! Bye bye.


  1. Michael


  2. Chad S.

    Super Soggy day…and you caught a flat! Yuck. Five hours of rooster tails…Hope you can get all of the grit off your teeth.
    Watch out for Cali.-locals going through tan withdrawal. They get mean without their sun.
    Hang in there Ted! your day is coming!

  3. Lee Hodsdon

    Hi from an old Brentwood resident. Glad to hear the injury is not serious. As Chad S. says, your day is coming.


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