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The Internet has just been dramatically buffed up and enhanced with the unveiling of the Cervelo TestTeam’s website. HERE it is.

In other news, tomorrow I head off to Europe for the beginning of a wicked adventure I’ve dubbed, “my life.” Training, training camp, back to the US, Tour of California, back to Europe, and so on and so forth. Stay tuned! And a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. Bob T,

    Nice to finally get a look at the team, and the new kits.

    And the bikes……..the bikes. I want a P4. I must have a P4. I shall not rest until I have a P4.


  2. iamtedking

    Well said Bob. Very p.c.

  3. S. Woomer

    Best of luck in Europe!

  4. mike jones


    Try to room with Hayden Roulston if you can, I have some good memories of that, he is nuts. Sadly, I looked up to him for that reason.

    Good luck this season.



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