Me So Trendy!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your thoughtful comments about my new computer.

Yesterday I bought a MacBook. I considered the MacBook Pro, but decided against it. Air was also considered, but I like the smaller/thicker computer and having a CD drive. I think this standard MacBook will serve me well. Plus it has a sweet aluminum shell that looks incredily BA.

The only problem is what my firend Ainsley calls Apple’s planned obsolescence.


Not so much that Apple makes a product obsolete, as much as the make the nexts model look oh so awesome. In the meantime, I love my new computer.

On a side note, southern California may become my new home when back in the US. I’ve been here for 3 days and it’s amazing. West of LA means no smog, great weather, nice people, and pretty decent terrain.




  1. bruce friedman

    decision fail!

  2. christina

    happy birthday teddy, nice post, just had to comment b/c i l-o-v-e my apple 🙂 kick as* in cali, you rock!

  3. Daniel Ramsey

    Where are you staying? I will be cheering you on this year so kick some ass out there!! Are you doing Cali?

  4. Jon moro

    been considering the move to socal from boulder for a while now..just cant stand the cold and lack of green in the winter here. my brother lives there and loves it, just curious what you think of its potential for good training. ive been tere a few times and got the impression that ne one training there would have to deal with endless stoplights and signs. any suggestions?

  5. iamtedking

    Jon, socal is awesome! Altho I’ve only been here three days so I don’t know anything besides bountiful sun and good rides.

    Christina, awesome to hear from you. I’m actually hanging out out with Eliza here in CA. Good times.

    Dan, I’m staying with A Olson in Santa Barbara. You anywere near by?

    Bruce, thanks for your your comment. I love my apple and hate my pc. If apple people had a throw down with pc folks, you would get a whoppin’. MAC!

  6. Daniel Ramsey

    I am close by (Ventura). I always ride to Santa Barbara. What are you guys doing tomorrow? We can hook up if you aren’t doing the local races. Maybe I will call Olsen tonight and see whats up.

  7. Joe Rinehart

    Nice move on the MB Ted. Perfect laptop for the job.


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