lesser evil?

I would create some sort of clever online survey but I’m doing this from my blackberry in a small Portuguese airport so that aint possible. The preface is that I need a new laptop.

Here’s the question: what do I get?

Apple MacBook with sleek aluminum curves.
Apple MacBook Pro which is obviously superior because it has Pro in its name.
Some sort of PC. I’ve only ever used PCs but no PC people are ever as passionate about their computers as Apple folks are. That being said, Windows 7 is supposed to be downright revolutionary.

Please discuss.

Typed on a freakin’ BlackBerry yo.


  1. Ryan

    I just got a new macbook and I love, even after being a hard core PC user. I like the 13″ size since it’s very easy to travel with, and they can run windows so if you really wanted to run windows 7 on it, you could

  2. scott

    Avertec. Enough said.

  3. old man

    Get a Commadore 64. Go Retro.

  4. Michael Creed

    I never meet a yellow tablet I didn’t like. It also faxes well.

  5. Huck

    Stick with PC mate, Apple doesn’t have a right click. Keally has one, and I have no idea what’s going on if I use it! Besides, PCs are great mate! Actually, if you have a blackberry, why would you even need a computer?!

  6. Joe Rinehart

    From a geek who has 2 laptops and a varying number of desktops laying around his house…

    I’ve got a number of machines because they’re how I make my living. I’ve standardized on Mac for the past 4 years because the damn things just work and keep working, moving my wife and even my Mom over to them…mainly because it means I no longer have to fix their computers.

    My laptop is my living, and there’s good reason I have an IBM Thinkpad gathering dust and I’m typing this on a MacBook Pro.

    That being said, the new MacBooks are just about all anyone needs unless you’re doing graphic/3d design and/or hardcore software development.

    Hey, as much as you travel, why not a MacBook Air?

  7. Bob T.

    Go with that you know and stick with a PC. I’ve never understood the whole “Apple Community” and “Living the Apple Lifestyle” thing. It’s just a computer… a tool… it’s not a lifestyle choice.

    Don’t get me wrong, Apple makes fine products, and I reeeeeealy want an iPhone. Those things are freakin’ cool!

    I agree with Creed… yellow tablet and an abacus. Old school, brother!

  8. keir plaice

    Wasn’t Vista supposed to be revolutionary too? Choose good design.. go with Mac

  9. Andie

    Mac user at home and PC user at work. Use the same criteria you use when getting a new TT bike: speed, weight, line and level of technology. Go with the MacBook.
    Looking forward to seeing the international version of Ted King racing @ TofC. Hopefully the weather will be better than last year.

  10. Biker Dave

    What happen to the iPhone? I’d go with the Mac, with all of the photo’s you post and such much easier to navigate. And they look cool.

  11. annie

    my email address says it all – all fujiis are mac fanatics including Gehn -fun, creative, logical,responsive vs boring… plus you can run pc platform anytime if you need to. You’re definitely a mac kinda guy.

  12. Matt

    Windows 7 looks an awful lot like an OSX rip (ie. see taskbar among other things). Macbook Pro is the way to go. I purchased a Macbook and within 6 months I went back and bought the Pro.

  13. lisa

    Go w/the Mac! They do look cool! I have wireless mouse that right clicks just fine and the photo booth is almost as fun as the Wii

  14. bryan smith

    After going through 2 Macbook pro’s in 2 years, I can now say that they are garaunteed to last 16 months max (like they’re designed to).

    This only matters if you are poor and don’t want to drop 2g’s every 16 months.

    PS, my mac crashes all the time, don’t believe the marketing myth.


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