¡Bienvenidos a Portugal!

…or something like that. You can’t fault me for poor Portuguese. I never spoke Portuguese in my life and I haven’t uttered a word of Spanish since one semester of it sophomore year of college. Aaaaaaaaanyway…


Here is a picture the day before I left New Hampshire.



While I absolutely love New Hampshire and I will always have an enormous place for all of New England in my heart, as a cyclist I am happy to be in Portugal right now. I flew from Boston to Heathrow (London), then took a shuttle to Gatwick (coincidentally also London, about 30k away), then flew to Faro, Portugal. I then had my man on the inside (you know who you are) hook me up with a ride from the airport to my comfortable weeklong apartment here in Cabanas, also about 30k away.

 I’m really close to Spain, umm, also coincidentally about 30km away. Having never been to Spain, I decided to make it part of today’s 5 hour jaunt on the bike. Sadly, when I got close, I discovered that the only bridge appears to cater to vehicular traffic only. So here’s a picture of the bridge – which looks much like the Lenny Zakim bridge in Boston – and Spain on the other side. 


Oh, and here’s my bike. She’s a beautiful steed.


 The things I know Portugal is famous for are it’s sardines and cork. I rode by some cork trees, but wasn’t speedy enough to snap a picture off. I did manage to catch a picture of the sardines before they swam away though. Mostly because these sardines are beheaded and live in a metal can with olive oil. Truth be told, they are way better and fresher tasting than those from the US. Odd. Or maybe not.


Internet isn’t free in these parts, so adios amigos.


  1. Bob T.

    Man….you big time pro’s have got it made! Enjoy it Ted, and think of us back here in NH sitting on the trainer while it snows outside….again.

  2. ryank

    Uh, Newmarket has apparently forgotten how to plow:


    This was Bennett Road (Packers Falls was in the same shape) during my “commute” this morning.

  3. k2

    bonita moto

  4. the non-amurican

    Now we feel like we got a guy on “the inside” too. Where will you have your apt at? Shacking up with team mates or solo? Hopefully enough English speaking around you to ease the transition with food, culture, everything.
    Good luck, stay positive, keep us posted on “this” side.

  5. Josef

    for the original Portuguese experience, get yourself some bacalhau … if you like salt. The roasted chestnuts there are also quite good.

  6. Karl

    Thanks for keeping up the reports in Europe! Good luck!

  7. Joao Correia

    Stop slaughetring my language and stay away from our women. I’m watching you king and you know I have eyes everywhere

  8. the greatest amurican

    Who is this Non Amurican posting? This is an Amurican only site! .com means AMURICA ONLY

  9. Josh A

    I opted, er was forced, to go snow shoeing this weekend. Because Mother Nature loves cyclists much like cyclists love saddle sores.

  10. S. Woomer

    Thanks for the update! Have you been given your race schedule yet?


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