Ride food

My buddy Adam packed a pocket full of food odds and ends for today’s ride. In the foreground, we have two hardboiled eggs, on the left we have pancakes, and in back there’s mixed nuts and chocolate covered raisins. Probably the most eclectic ride food I’ve witnesses in a while… or ever.

Actually speaking of weird food, my friend Lea used to (or still does) just chuck crackers straight into her jersey pockets. I sweat too much to make that feasible.


  1. Josh A

    In the winter I make apple cinnamon waffles for breakfast. I also make one extra waffle, poke holes in it with a fork and cover it in maple syrup (the real stuff of course). After the syrup is absorbed, the waffle goes into a ziplock back then my jersey. BEST RIDE FOOD IN THE WORLD.


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