Repetitive Repetitive Repetitive

Aloha from Arizona! It snowed last week in Boulder. Yeah, sure sure, it was warm and sunny and basically picture perfect weather by the afternoon, however the mere fact that I woke up to a blanket of white presented a mountain of anxiety to me. But that problem was soon thereafter solved when I was invited to Tucson by my friend and likely yours, Curtis Zimmerman (and his wonderfully generous family). So I packed up the ol’ Vee Dub and drove straight through to Arizona. I’ve spent a good bit of time collectively over my years down in Tucson, so it was definitely cool to be back.

Why, do you ask, is the title of this blog “Repetitive” x 3? The less than clear answer is that this blog post features pictures that are all very similar. First is me modeling the MissingSaddle kit (contracts start January 1, so no breach of contract here).

Next are pictures of the drive, of which there are many, but I will only post a few. I’m particularly fond of the second one which is extraordinarily artful. Or is it artsy? Or is it awesome?

Lastly are three pictures that may look the same, but upon closer inspection you’ll notice that they are all in fact different.

And if you’re curious, this is what the picture looks like when you omit my torso and head. And if you’re asking, “Does that look like Mt. Lemmon around mile marker 9 or 10…?” you would be correct. 

After a stellar week of distraction-free riding, I packed up shop and drove 14 hours straight home, arriving safe and sound at 4:35am.


  1. billy idol

    I think its artsy if you don’t really know what you’re doing but ended up with a cool shot and artful if your serious about the craft and achieved the exact effect you were going for. So which are you?

  2. Stella

    Come back anytime!!!

  3. a$

    nice guns, mr. t


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