Democracy is Rad

I hope it goes without saying that cyclists are vain and enjoy seeing their name in the limelight. If it does not go without saying, then I just said it, so re-read the above sentence and embrace it.

I realize I’ve had a few recent posts deal with American politics, namely the presidential election.  Now that Barack Obama has been voted the President Elect, an election of nearly the same magnitude has come to my attention. My fellow Americans (and people of the world), may I please direct your attention to the November 5th Poll of the Day for the Domestic Male Road Racer of the Year.
Scroll down about 2/3 of the screen and look to the right.

As a true politician, I will remain neutral (ha!) and abstain from telling you where you should direct your vote. But remember that a vote for Ted King is a vote for your future, and the safety of your nation, and your childrens’ future, and various other things that are awesome.



  1. Teddy for King

    Have you considered spending an entire day voting for yourself numerous times?

    Much like my vote for Obama, I think my vote for T. King will bring change to this country.

  2. the non-Amurican

    For starters, why doesn’t the King reveal where his throne will be next season?

  3. TK 4 DMRR

    This is great news – Teddy you have my 10 votes. Scott may or may not be unemployed, so I would suggest you wrangle him up, encourage that he dedicate an entire day, and get yourself elected. He’ll probably wake up sometime mid-afternoon so I would try him then.

  4. anonymous aka Bff

    You are killing the voting…who says I don’t vote…I vote for you like four times a day!

  5. The Other Mr. King

    I’ll vote for you. After all, you did win the King Cup that one time.

  6. Nick

    You got my vote… Only cause you’re from NH.

  7. Mike F

    Cervelo eh? Good work.

  8. mike Jones

    you got my vote, you deserve the recognition, congrats on your season and good luck next year.

    Mike jones

  9. Jon Kuiper

    You’ll get my vote, as my favorite person to watch graduate (maybe you remember EAHS 2001) and a former next door neighbor.

    Great to see all your success on the bike. I have been following you and Robbie cyclingnews and velonews the last two years.

    Keep up the good work! If you are going to Europe to race, just know my thoughts and support at with you.

    Jonathan Kuiper

  10. hightower

    Dang, they let a Mifflin like you on the team. Way to go man!

  11. Joao Correia

    Where do you stand on immigration, health care and social security?

  12. iamtedking

    I would like to reply to everyone’s comments. Or at least the one’s that need commenting on.

    1) Apparently SOMONE learned they can vote multiple times. Rory just surged from 20% to the lead. Come on everyone… VOTE (FOR ME)!

    2) tells me I’m riding for Cervelo. So I might take their word for it.

    3) Thank you for your 10 votes. Now please go log 10 more.

    5) Mr. King… Wow, I’m excited that you still dabble in the world of blogging. Hope you’re well.

    6) Nick, I know a few Nicks from NH, so I don’t know who you are. But NH rocks so you rock. Bam.

    8) Mike, I think that’s the most serious thing you’ve ever typed. Seriously, very much appreciated.

    9) Jon, awesome! Another guy with NH roots! Thanks.

    10) Hightower. Mifflin. ‘Nuf said.

    11) Joao, I support all of those issues with all my heart.

  13. iamtedking

    … Mike, that was NOT my intention to make a smiley face. Apparently that happens automatic-like when you do an 8 and a ).

  14. Nicole

    Despite my voting fatigue, I pulled myself back over to VeloNews to vote for you again. Imagine my surprise to be the tying vote: 1103 to 1103. So, of course I voted again so that you are now winning 1104 to 1103.

  15. taters


  16. Nick

    Just hit ya with a few more votes. 😉

  17. Biker Dave

    Well I just tried to vote and it’s been changed to Mtn Biker of the year. Does that mean you’re the Domestic Male Road Racer of the Year?


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