This is Notorious BIG. He is one big individual.

I went to the grocery store yesterday and found this candy bar. It is also big. It is 5 pounds of HERSHEY’S delicious Pennsylvanian chocolate. Bear in mind, my hands are larger than average, so this chocolate bar is in fact enormous.

This is a picture from this weekend with my Bissell teammates Joao and Tommy Z. Joao’s generosity is big (okay, it’s also enormous) and Mr. Zirbel at 6’4″ could easily be described at big.

I went to a neon party not too long ago. These sunglasses are big as is the bubble I’m blowing. It quadroupled in size after the picture was taken, thanks to the six pieces of gum I’m chewing at the time.

I just got a mountain bike, which at 21″ and an extra-large is big. Additionally, it’s awesome. I’ve been dabbling on that for a few (i.e. a lot of) hours lately.


And speaking of big, this is big …at least for me it’s big.


  1. Mark Hotchkin

    Nice BIG references. I live in Grand Rapids, home of Bissell, so your signing is indeed big news in these parts. Too bad you’re leaving, but the Cervelo team is awesome! Tear it up in Europe next year.

  2. Me Mate Dangerous Dave

    Teddy – big up yourself. This is a proud moment for the fan club.

  3. lyne

    It’s not big, it’s HUGE. congrats. and it’s about time that the official announcement went out.

  4. Nicole

    Ah, finally! Congrats — mad (big) props!

  5. Andie

    Best kept secret since Ellen came out of the closet. Congratulations and hope we’ll still see you ride TofC. It’ll be interesting to read about this transition. Keep your blog readers updated.

  6. taters

    Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis When I was dead broke, man I couldn’t picture this
    Fifty inch screen, money green leather sofa, the Cervelo test team better give me a chauffeur

  7. Mike

    No Tour De Georgia this year? Off to Europe just in time, buddy.

  8. Joao Correia

    Gangsta on the Cervelo test team. My God Man YOU are going to fetch bottles for Carlos Sastre. That is huge hommie. Remember that when the going gets tough the tough doesn’t come home. Or I shove my size 10 foot up the tough’s ass. Your a Killah

  9. Ann (your roomate)

    Nice blog, Another all time low… I couldn”t be more proud

  10. Huck

    Wicked Banana Teddy, congratulations on getting a mountain bike mate! I want to get one too, maybe a new career path for me for next year…! Talk soon buddy, hope all is well for you! I have the same sunnies as you too…


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