That John Denver's Full of $#!+ Man!


Garrett’s bike catastrophically broke just 70 miles short of Durango. So the good news is that’s he’s home and we’re BFF’s again. Bad news is that his bike inexplicably broke badly.


  1. Dan Schmatz

    Please tell me Pipp rode him bitch style the rest of the way.

  2. Crane

    Pipp doesn’t need much of an excuse to ride a guy…

  3. frank

    actually, i left him for dead in woods. surprised he made it back, but pelts is a pretty resourceful guy. i think he traded his broken stove for the ride to gunnison.

  4. Reistad

    I heard that Garrett ran behind Pipp for the rest of the trip with his bike over his shoulder.

  5. Crane

    I hear that on really cold nights high in the Rockies, the only way to stay warm is to share a sleeping bag…

  6. Huck

    Teddy! I can’t think of anything witty to add as a comment! I will try and call you in the next couple of days!!!! Laters…

  7. Neill

    Imagine my surprise when sitting in a waiting room only to come accross an article on one Ted King in Road Bike Action.

    Nice press!

  8. taters

    I think your blog must be broken because I’m unable to read all of the stuff you’ve written since September 29th.

  9. g

    His blog is not broken…he is just spending time with his BFF…BFF’s before ho’s and blogs!


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