Obama Rules!

To open this blog post, I will borrow one of my favorite expressions oft used by our president,


I’ve received news from Xenia our warrior princess (code name: Garrett) and things are vastly improving along their trans-Colorado challenge! Let’s cut straight to the chase.


Departure date: Wednesday September 17, 2008 (six days ago yesterday, which is when we spoke)
Miles completed: roughly 310
Miles remaining: roughly 290
Current location: Some town in Colorado, of which I forget the name. 
Amazingly picturesque views: This is a tough question to answer because according to our fellow American Garrett basically everywhere he looks throughout this trip is amazingly picturesque. So is the answer infinity? No. You see, I think this comes down to simple mathematics: say the eye moves X times per day during one’s waking hours. So the maximum number of amazingly picturesque views is simply X. Hooray Algebra!
Mishaps: Everything that went poorly before has been reversed.
-they’ve dried their sleeping bags from the relentless rain
-the replaced their faulty stove
-Garrett is overcoming his cold

-I did however learn that Frank’s rack somehow stopped working properly, but with some MacGyver-like resourcefulness, they’ve alieviated the problem. Same with his derailleur and Garrett’s brakes, which were both working poorly.
-I also learned that they’re finding it hard to climb consistently at 12,000′ with heavy bikes. But they’re loving it all the same. 

Wheelies: dammit, I forgot to ask him. So the answer is unknown but I’d still put my money on none.


And to end on a positive note here is a picture of MacGyver. And the Red Sox earned a spot in the playoffs last night. The Yankees did not. Ha.


  1. k2

    so is Frank… Sheena Princess of Power?

  2. taters

    The title really captures the essence of the story! You are an artist with a blog as your canvas.


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