Making Headlines

…Good! Facts are overrated and boring and lead people down the wrong path. To truth, for example.

I read a laughable little blurb in yesterday’s USA Today about protesters who have been living in a tree on a college campus – I think in Berkeley, CA – to prevent the construction of an athletic complex. They made news because they just came down from the tree two days ago. The kicker? They’ve been in the tree for 21 months! I was floored! Can you imagine putting your life on hold for nearly 2 years?! Where were you 21 months ago? It was the winter of aught-six for a frame of reference.

I’m new to this mobile blogging but if all goes to plan then there should be a picture of my perma-roommate and adventureist extraordinaire, Garrett, as we travel to stage 4 of Tour of Missouri. I recently moved into his abode (with all due respect, owned by Ann) in Boulder which is rad. He’s prepping for the off season by growing a ferocious beard. I think the plan is to ward off any predators that he and Frank might run into on their trans-Colorado mountain bike ride that begins three days after Missouri. Bears for example. Or ferretts.

Bu’bye now.


  1. taters

    Winter ’06 I was feeding the current sub-prime fiasco by convincing people that horrible loans that were ridiculously overpriced were exactly what they needed to make their lives better. I wish someone had let me know about this tree job.

  2. iamtedking



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