It's September

After two consecutive posts about yours truly in Garrett’s blog, it’s time to return the favor with my second consecutive post about Garrett in my blog. Most notably, as mentioned in his most recent post, I will be updating you on behalf of Garrett during his trans-Colorado-Rockies adventure. He will contact me every now and again and I will publish his exciting adventures.

As a reminder, now that the domestic road season is over Garrett and Frank Pipp are riding their mountain bikes from Denver to Durango. Crazy? Somewhat. My favorite aspect of the trip is that they expect to do the 535 miles in about 7-10 days… but if you check the Trail’s website, you see that they recommend allowing 15-20 days to complete the trek. I suppose they are assuming that the title of “professional” on the road side of their cycling careers makes the leap to mountain biking as well, and therefore they can double the speed and distance of the average mountain biker making the 535 mile trip. Probably a decent guess; time will tell.

Let’s get right down to business.
Departure date: Wednesday September 17, 2008 (yesterday)
Miles completed: unknown
Miles remaining: unknown
Current location: unknown
Amazingly picturesque views: unknown
Mishaps: unknown… but hopefully none
Wheelies: unknown… but probably none because Garrett’s bike seemed to have a 90:10 ratio of front weight-to-rear weight. It reminded me of what would happen if you equipped a plow suitable for a semi onto a Ford Ranger. Here’s a picture from his blog; as a frame of reference, the rear has merely a sleeping bag and pad, which are both super light. Unlike the bow of this ship which is anything but light.

Hmmm, what else can I tell you…? It’s sad that Garrett is gone. He and I have been hanging out seemingly nonstop for the past month and a half since Tour of Utah, but now he’s camping the C.T. and not hanging out with me in Boulder for the next two weeks. Hopefully I survive and don’t become a hermit.

In completely unrelated news, Garrett and I decided to stay in tune with the goings-on in Boulder and subscribed to the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper. Without any foresight whatsoever, we began the subscription the day before we left Boulder for 10 days to attend the Tour of Missouri. Good thing we have a friendly neighbor who picked up and read the paper daily while we were gone. Strangely the paper has stopped arriving after about 5 days of delivery. I’ve spoken with the circulation department at said newspaper and they don’t know why it’s stopped being delivered. I think someone is stealing it immediately upon arrival at 5am, so I’m thinking of camping out with my nunchucks and bow-staff so I can TMNT the culprit. I’ll let you know how my nunchucking unfolds.


  1. Dan Schmatz

    I friend of mine did this ride:

  2. taters

    You should knock the culprit out, dislocate his jaw, stuff the newspaper in his mouth,spray paint your address on the side of his face,take your current mailbox down, and strap him up for the neighborhood to see.


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