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It’s mid-August. Blog postings are becoming more and more sporatic. Coincidence? Nope. Perhaps it’s due to the recent eastern heatwave, although I doubt it. Much more likely is that after months of racing a bike this season, my creative juices are reaching a creaping standstill. This fact makes the virtual daily postings by BikeSnobNYC, which are ceaselessly witty and entertaining, all the more impressive. Or maybe not. He is apparently a professional blogger while I am a cat III blogger at best. Yet somehow life seems to go on…

As my friend, teammate, and companion in crosswords Tom Zirbel recently noted, the end of the season is remarkably close given that we can count the remaining races on just three fingers. I’m en route to the five day Tour of Utah currently, two weeks later is the US Pro championships in Greenville, SC, and the Tour of Missouri one week thereafter. (But does it ever really end? After a 72 hour off-season we’ll all be back at it with ‘cross, fall mountain biking, or simply training for next year. And that’s just one reason why we love it.)

Two pictures highlight today’s post. The first is a No Parking sign at a local Asheville bank. The handwritten warning towards the bottom is priceless. You ever see (Or maybe .net/.com I forget…) It’s worthy of many hours of similar entertainment.

Next is a homemade burger I ate during my time home at Mayo’s house. The scale is poorly established, but it was at least a half foot tall, highlighted with sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, avocado, crisp lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and of course katchup and mustard on a toasted roll. The picture came from my iPhone. I noticed last night after scrolling through the pictures contain one quarter food-related pics. Umm, I like food.


  1. Jason

    Welcome to North Carolina, Ted King.


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