Two True and Unimportant Stories

…Or perhaps they’re more observations than stories, per se.  Anyway here they are:

One, I’m again in the surprisingly sleek and modern Detroit Airport as I am returning to Asheville, NC. I walked passed the airport McDonalds and was flabbergast to see how busy it was. The front row of emplyees – that is, not including those hard workers hidden behind the industrial strength microwaves – totalled 13. More impressive were the 38 people in line waiting to order. Thirty eight! Wowoweewow.

Two, I’m at my gate where there’s a nice enormous flat screen TV to keep the waiting hoards entertained. CNN just reported a story about a 5.4 magnitude earthquake that hit California two days ago. I’m no geologist nor seismologist, but 5.4 sounds destructive. So what is the headline CNN reports? I quote, “EARTHQUAKE CAUSES POOL WATER TO SLOSH”.

Now that’s newsworthy! Apparently some nose-to-the-grindstone investigative reporter had his or her camera conveniently by the swimming pool to report this earthshattering story. Thankfully there was footage to prove this wasn’t some sort of hoax. You heard it here people, the water sloshed!

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  1. The Em

    Well, I had a piece of paper fall off my table during the quake. My boss and I calmly walked down the stairs. We were trying hard not to look too scared about the whole thing. Not too manly running downstairs, you know?

  2. Scott

    Congrats on the Hanes Park win! Way to go!

  3. Nicole

    Nice work at Hanes Park — congrats on the win!

  4. taters

    You need to develop a business model that merges cycling with journalism because clearly, you are brilliant at both! Congrats on the victory, saw a good picture of you after it!

  5. Karl

    Congrats on a big win over the weekend!

  6. TZ

    another true story: I’m checking out the latest in our soap opera sport on this morning, still half asleep and to my surprise, I see a picture on the home page of my very own teammate Teddy King frolicking on stage, champagne spewing every which way! What a cool way to start my day!


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