At Fitchburg, when it rains it pours. Literally. At least that holds true for the opening stage of the 49th annual Fitchburg Longsjo Classic. The day started out with picture perfect weather and maintained the better side of average for much of the day. But then around 5:38:45pm, which just happened to be 15 secondsĀ from my start time, the sky opened up and there was a deluge. Crud.

The time trial course here this year is the same as last year. In one word, it’s HORRENDOUS. (Other equally descriptive adjectives include: decrepit, dilapidated, decaying, and stupid.) Basically to describe it to the uniformed, they’ve created a 6.5 mile mostly uphill TT on roads that are most suitable for an ATV, or perhaps a snow-cat in the winter. This is all extremely exacerbated when the rain accumulates into rivers on the roads so you can’t see Volkswagen-sized manholes. Absurd.

In other news, most major news outlets have already broken the news that Garrett was involved in a crash at my hometown Exeter Criterium. Not his fault though, which is important to point out, because some dude slid out in front of him leaving Garrett no where to go besides directly onto the curb.

We’re now staying at the Fitchburg State College dorms. I don’t know why I haven’t done this in the past because the set up is quite primo. We have a delicious meal plan taken care of, we’re a stone’s throw from the circuit race, a farther stone’s throw from the time trial, and air conditioning. Is there anything else?

Two things to note in the above picture:

a) Garrett is laughing while the picture was snapped so he’s nursing his nearly-broken collarbone by holding it down. Poor lad.

b) Scott is reading the current issue of ROAD. I’m featured in the 20 questions opposed to my teammate Zirbel.


  1. k2

    i was wondering if they were going to do that stupid (I SO AGREE) TT at Fitchy again this year… yuck, glad i missed out of that one. Have fun in the 4th of July circuit race today!


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