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The Fitchburg Longsjo Classic just completed it’s 49th annual running of the race. My my, that’s an impressive stat, considering a race like last year’s US Open failed after just one year… WITH the backing of mega news giant NBC.

The race itself went well for me with some awesome support from the Bissell crew; I finished 3rd overall and netted three top 10s in four days of racing.

One of the week’s highlights (besides Garrett’s most recent Gallon Challenge blog) are Ryan Kelly’s pictures. His site, www.exit17.net, is generally hilarious, and the website listed at the top of this particular post is thoroughly entertaining. So basically this post of mine is a plagerism of Ryan’s, saying his site is funny and has good pictures. And I don’t know how to spell plagerism… especially don’t know how to spell it on an iphone.

K bye.

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  1. AHV3

    I think you gained inspiration from the intellectual stimuli that you encountered in Asheville by a certain group of traveling touistas

  2. iamtedking


    What are those?

  3. Heidi Swift Lurking Journalist and Blogger

    Those shots are *choice*. And I like the “just like ‘cross except I wasn’t wasted” comment.
    Congrats on Fitch… I look forward to watching you at Cascade!
    Spelling is overrated.


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