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According to Consumer Reports, “The average American is exposed to 247 commercial messages each day.” That seems like a low-ball estimate because I’m quite sure that the average Tour de France viewer on Versus is exposed to at least 247 commercials every hour. However, the point is made that we see a lot of advertisements.

MORE to the point, I hope you’ve all seen the Nivea body wash for men commercial, because I laugh out loud every time I see it. It pokes fun at Axe and Old Spice ads which suggest you’ll score with the ladies if you smell good. In particular there’s one little Asian kid who takes a whiff of Nivea and claims, “This will not increase my ability to mate!”

Bwaaa ha ha ha! “Mate” that’s classic. Go watch the Tour and you’ll see what I mean.

Makes me want to go drink some Bacardi Mojito, because Lord knows it’ll increase my ability to go clubbing.


  1. ryank

    Makes me want to dye my graying hair and drive a Saab.

  2. Karl

    I don’t get that channel. Now I feel like I’m missing out.

  3. Huck

    That Bacardi add is the best! I have been telling everyone that is what Australian clubs are like… Each time i see that add i feel like i know how to dance!

  4. Mark

    I need one of those fishing poles with a slingshot mounted on it!

  5. Scott

    I’m just glad to know that Trek makes bikes!


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