Scenic Detroil Airport

I’m currently at the Detroit airport in the midst of taking a trip home to New Hampshire for a few weeks. It’ll end up being five weeks home, but the first week and a half will be spent at Fitchburg and the crits leading up to it (the Exeter Criterium is next Tuesday. My hometown race. Should be rad. Yes, rad), while the week following will be spent on the opposite side of the country at Cascade Cycling Classic. It won’t be until mid-July that I get some r’n’r before I have a weekend lacking sleep for my best friend’s wedding. No complaints there though; that’s going to be awesome.

Aaaaaaanyway, I’m near the food court here in Detroit and I see a restaurant called PB&J. Curious, I walk closer and see that this establishment strictly deals with that wonderfully nostalgic sammy, yes the peanut butter and jelly. However this particular restaurant sells four-and-a-half dollar sandwiches. Whoa! Time to thank your sandwich-making parents from grade school, my friends,¬†(or straight through high school for yours truly), because based on the typical 180 day school year,¬†that’s $810 worth of sandwiches.


  1. Ryan

    I’ve been to that very exact same place on my way back from collegiate nationals in 2007 and 2008. It’s crazy how much they charge.

  2. Lyne

    $4.50! hope it was at least the crunchy kind

  3. Scott Woomer

    Just received my copy of Road and enjoyed your “20 Questions”! Great PR! Enjoy your time at home.


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