Counting Skills

56 miles of bandwith being occupied by 10 computers; 2 refridgerators currently holding 5 gallons of milk, 6 quarts of yogurt, 3 dozen eggs, 5 loaves of bread, (3 different types of ice cream); 5 vehicles allowing seating for up to 29; 78 cumulative hours wasted watching TV… so far; zero victories in two attempts, but 2 second places in those attempts; 9 pots of coffee brewed up to now; 43 times we’ve heard “that’s what she said.”

And all of this for 12 people, 8 days of racing, 6 days in 1 house belonging to the parents’ of yours truly, for 2 pro teams.


  1. taters

    2nd place won’t cut in Exeter Mr. King. Wise man once said “If you’re not first, your last!”

    Just kidding, we all love you regardless but I am curious as to why ice cream was the only product placed between ( ). I’m pumped for Tuesday and can’t wait to cheer on all the riders from the King Hostel.

  2. josh a

    I now refer to your house as the House of Pain, because that is surely what your teams will be bringing to Exeter tomorrow. Know who’s not looking forward to that? THIS GUY!


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